What does 710 mean?

Cannabis concentrates dayThe term and celebration of 7/10 is a more recent event dating back to 2010 when cannabis oils and concentrates started to amass a solid demographic of followers and participants who were separate from the traditional weed community. Right from the get-go the question needs to be asked, why would a split develop in the community?

Hash has existed alongside cannabis for several centuries perhaps dating as far back as ancient Persia. The source of hashish is the resin of the cannabis plant which can result in a solid or oil product. For hundreds of years people could choose their preference or simply use them together.

In the 1940s solvents were applied to cannabis which allowed for the development of more refined extractions, leading up to the concentrates that appeared on the market through the 1990s. These concentrates were in forms ranging from liquid such as oils to rigid glass-like extracts known as shatter. Just as the substance evolved, so too did the method of consumption have to evolve. The new concentrates were not suited to rolling in a paper and blasting them in a pipe was ridiculously wasteful.

Since all of these concentrates had a temperature at which they transformed into vapor, various forms of vaporizers became the consumption method of choice. These could range in widely in design and purpose, from a vape pen to consume oils that ran off a small battery to a dab rig to evaporate shatter that’s heated with an open flame torch.

Vape gear soon made up its own market and today concentrates are considered one of the fastest growing areas of research in the cannabis industry.

As one might imagine, making a concentrate from cannabis will result in a much more intense experience and so the community split not just around the difference in equipment required and method of use, but also in their preference for the end effect. This lead to diverging opinions in the cannabis community around such issues as when it was socially acceptable to set up a dab rig and whether smoking the dried flower was a waste of the base material for a more refined product.

Glass dabber for concentratesIn 2010, concentrates users and dabbers had become aware that 4/20 did not necessarily reflect their user experience or concerns. As the story goes, hip hop artist Taskrok suggested that concentrates users switch the traditional smoke break time from 4:20 to 7:10 as an expression of support for this different form of cannabis.

Taskrok was an advocate of dabbing and wrote several songs about 710 and using oils instead of smoking reefer. Associating 710 with oils did not originate with Taskrok however, it had been noticed long before that if you turn the number 710 upside down, it spelled oil.

The idea of promoting July 10 as a day to celebrate concentrates akin to the 4/20 celebration of cannabis did not really gain traction until magazines such as High Times started to write about it in 2013. A day for concentrates worked well for the developing industry who welcomed any chance to educate people on the new advances in cannabis refinement that were showing significant medicinal promise. Unlike 4/20 that has existed as an underground term for most of its existence, 7/10 has entered the cannabis community on the eve of legalization and in the midst of remarkable technological progress.

On top of that, if one day to publicly celebrate cannabis culture is good, then two is even better.

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