The Best New Cannabis Products

Head shops have existed for decades at this point and we basically know what we will find there — bongs, papers, pipes, vaporizers and smoking paraphernalia.

Some shops expand into clothing, usually limited to shirts, hats and hoodies, while others offer growing supplies such as lights and fertilizers.

One might think that marijuana stores online would look similar and some do, but more recently online cannabis goods have been taking a radically different direction.

With US states and entire countries legalizing marijuana in one form or another, there has been a tremendous up-tick in the amount of marijuana-themed merchandise hitting the online store shelves. And this is just the beginning.

Legalization has unleashed a storm of creativity that has resulted in new types of merchandise never before available to the buying public.

From the most wonderful gadgets you didn’t know you wanted to the weirdest stuff you didn’t know existed, the following is a comprehensive list of the best new cannabis products online. This list is extraordinarily varied and surprisingly imaginative and includes almost none of the usual gear we associate with cannabis culture, such as bongs, vapes, seeds or the actual plant itself.

Instead, I wanted to give people a sense of the new market that is quickly developing around weed and some product choices that you have never had before. Browse to your heart’s content and don’t forget to share these goodies with your canna-buddies.

The Frost Pipe

The Frost Pipe DIY pipe made of iceEveryone knows that the smoothest draw from a pipe is cooled through air chambers, water or some type of mechanism so why not go straight to the chilling effect of an entire pipe made of ice? This DIY ice pipe mold gives you everything you need to make your pipe right in your own freezer.

It has a flat tray bottom that can be used for handling when its time to smoke. The main body of the mold has a built in passage for the smoke and a screw out attachment to create the bowl.

Your friends will be impressed with the refreshing chilled results but you can take it up a notch by adding flavors.

Choose plain water, or get inventive by making teas or drinks such as peppermint or ginger and freezing them in the Frost Pipe mold. Works with food-safe colors as well. Your can return your Frost Pipe to the freezer after use to preserve it for next time or you can create a completely new and clean pipe every time. Never go through the hassle of pipe cleaners, rubbing alcohol or boiling your glass pipe again. Eco-friendly — if you can’t take it with you, just leave it and let it melt!

Made by Dragons From Mars Industries, this innovative pipe measures 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and will last from 30 to 45 minutes of continuous use before melting. Keep it in your freezer for up to a week. It takes 16 oz of liquid to form a pipe and about 8 hours to fully freeze. Your herb stays dry and elevated from the melting ice by sitting on a pipe screen.

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Premium Roast and Toast Mug

Roast and Toast Mug and pipe comboChilled tokes not your thing? No problem, the Premium Roast and Toast Mug is a multipurpose blue ceramic mug with a pipe built right in so that you can “wake and bake” with minimal fuss and bother.

Load your herb into the bowl at the front of the mug and draw the smoke through the hollow handle to the mouthpiece at the top.

Simple and useful, this mug is sure to be a favorite for those who like to start their day with cannabis and coffee or end it off with tea and tokes.

Alternatively, you can cool your smoke down by loading the mug up with ice or a cold drink. This handsome high quality Dutch blue ceramic mug is lined with white and printed with a smart “Premium Roast and Toast” logo on the side.

The Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe thus ensuring that you get a good clean smoke every time. This mug makes a fabulous and unique gift for anyone who loves taking their canna-meds with a drink and saves on bedside space by cutting down on paraphernalia. Made by Gift Boutique, the Premium Roast and Toast Mug is durable and holds 10 oz of your fluid of choice. I recommend that smokers use the pipe function with a screen which is available separately. Turn it upside down after washing to ensure that no water is trapped in the handle.



iPower Bowl Leaf Trimmer

iPower Leaf Trimmer to trim cannabis budThere are those folks who like detail work and don’t mind trimming the green leaf off the flowers after harvesting, but most of us find it very tedious.

If this includes you then the iPower Bowl Leaf Trimmer might be right up your alley. Spanning 19 inches, the bowl is a generous size in which to dump a small crop of cut buds.

The see-through plastic top is then attached allowing you to gauge the level of cutting as you turn the handle and tumble the buds through the unit. A screen bottom allows the trim to drop into the catch bowl for neat and tidy operation.

The iPower unit can cut away leaf and small twigs in minutes, saving you hours of dull repetitious work.

As well, the unit saves your precious fingers from scissor fatigue when working with sticky or gummy flower types. The ultra sharp blades make precision cuts so your final product turns out clean and professional. Weighing in at 15.6 lbs, the Leaf Trimmer needs no power and so is ultimately portable making it a good choice for a group of small growers in different locations to share.

iPower have been making growing equipment such as lights, irrigation systems and fans for a decade and have made a nice foray into cannabis processing with this handy unit. If you need to chop the buds for hash or finer products, just process past the de-leafing stage until the flower reaches the degree of granulation you need. It also fine processes dried buds. Priced at under $200, the value is hard to beat and user rankings are high for this simple, easy-to-clean trimmer.



The Stoner Puzzle Stash

Stoner Puzzle Stash coloring and activity bookRemember when you were a child and got activity books on special occasions mainly so that you would shut up in the corner while the adults did more interesting things like smoke, talk and drink?

Well this book exactly replicates that puzzle book format except with a cannabis theme. Subtitled An Activity Book for the High-Minded, this book is a stash of word scrambles, coloring pages, mazes, crosswords, find-it games and more.

Get high and try to find the 10 things wrong in a picture or sink into the quiet reverie of a long coloring jam. Match your cannabis strain to the activity to get the most out of both.

If your gig is more hands on, assemble an entire cut out living room complete with two stoner dudes or trace your own face in the space provided.

Author Blaise Kushman provides 144 pages of puzzles that range from easy to hard which of course depends on how many bowls you have toasted before trying your hand at the Stoner Puzzle Stash offerings. Popular as a present, this book rates high for laughs and satisfaction. As a final bonus, the Stoner Puzzle Stash includes 82 stickers!

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Magical Butter

MagicalButter No list of must-have cannabis gadgets would be complete without the Magical Butter maker. This appliance was a top pick for 2017 by many different cannabis industry magazines and websites and is a perennial hot seller.

And no wonder, this cannabutter maker drastically reduces the fuss and mess of making it yourself thus saving you time and clean up.

Most notably, the Magical Butter maker cuts out the water and straining steps, while producing a consistently high quality end product.

The Magical Butter maker can be programmed to maintain a steady 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 – 3 hours so that your butter reaches its ultimate level of cannabis infusion.

A unique feature of this appliance is a blender-style stirring device that keeps the butter moving through the shake for the entire cooking time eliminating the need for water in the process. When you cook cannabutter from scratch, water is used to regulate the temperature over the long duration of infusion, but when using the machine, the stirring and temperature regulation combo ensure that your butter is never singed and ruined by the heating element.

The Magical Butter maker creates predictable results and can also be used to infuse other bases such as oils, grain alcohols and lotions. In fact, one of the reasons I love this appliance is its ability to infuse delicate oils such as coconut which can be used for vegan cannabis treats or topicals. Makes 2 – 5 cups per complete cycle and if you order here, Vapeworld will match the lowest price you can find on the internet!



Dreamtime Throw Pillow

Dreamtime throw pillow cannabis leafCozy up to the Dreamtime Throw Pillow for sweet dreams or just to take a time out for some nice Indica or CBD induced relaxation. A perfect mate for the Toast and Roast pipe mug!

Available in high quality cotton or polyester and includes a zip side so that you can remove and wash the outer casing.

Also comes in an outdoor water resistant cotton option which allows you to take this along to picnics or the beach. The combination of Dreamtime pillow, hammock and an edible is sure to nix anxiety or stress on any warm summer night.

The Dreamtime design shows a cannabis leaf cut out of a starry night sky with a huge luminous full moon.

It is created to express the important role medicinal cannabis plays in helping people control the stress of everyday modern life and as a sleep aid.

Dreamtime also alludes to the important role of dreaming or imagining as part of creative production. Historically, cannabis has played a huge part in the arts, most especially music. This role has been suppressed by prohibition rhetoric but with this false “war” in decline, its time to give cannabis the recognition it deserves as a catalyst of creative expression. As the late Martin Luther King acknowledged, change starts with a dream. This is an original Best Cannabis Gear design and is also available on t shirts, hoodies and mugs here. The Dreamtime Throw Pillow can be purchased in your choice of three sizes that go up to 20 x 20 inches and includes a rectangular lumbar option.

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Stoner Fluxx

Stoner Fluxx gameWho doesn’t like games, most especially Flux with its ever-changing rules depending on what cards you draw or hold? Well now there is Stoner Flux, a game about weed and freedom.

The game is structured like other Flux games with cards, draws and morphing rules. Your noble goal is to end the drug war which is an aim that is seriously worth achieving.

The manufacturer, Fully Baked Ideas, feels the same way and will donate 5% of all game proceeds to groups who are fighting against cannabis prohibition.

Stoner Fluxx is designed for 2 – 5 players and is easy to learn but not simple to win. Each card has a unique set of instructions that must be followed in order to play it. Cards include references to bongs, special brownies and other treats that you can add as playing supplements to make your game even more interesting.

Games last from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the order that cards are drawn and played but if you want a super game, you can mix it up with a second Fluxx game such as the ever popular Zombie Fluxx. Slap on the Grateful Dead, break out the nachos, and get fluxxing!



Marijuana Leaf Silicone Mold

Marijuana Leaf Silicone Mold for ediblesFor the edibles cook in your life, this professional grade non-toxic silicone mold is BPA free, food safe and dishwasher friendly though for longer life I would recommend hand washing.

Silicone is a non-stick material that allows for easy release of your delicious treats even when you use ingredients that are notoriously hard to get out, such as sugars.

It works in the oven, as a setting tray at room temperature, or to cool your creations in the fridge.

The Marijuana Leaf Mold can be used to make cake embellishments, soft-center edibles, chocolate snacks, hard candy, fondant, butter patties or any other mold-able creation.

It doubles as a tray to make canna-infused ice cubes, popsicles or frozen cream and yogurt treats.

There are a number of cannabis leaf molds on the market but what I particularly like about this one is its depth which means your products are less likely to crack when releasing.

If cooking isn’t your thing, no problem! The Marijuana Leaf Mold is also great for setting soap, candles, clay decorations and other crafts. In fact, you could order a set of these molds for yourself and make everyone else’s birthday and holiday gifts for the rest of the year, saving a bundle of money while giving people the coolest stuff ever. Comes with two trays of marijuana leaf molds consisting of 16 separate leafs. Each leaf holds 8 ml which converts to .271 oz capacity.

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The Goldleaf Grow Planner

Goldleaf Grow Planner to help grow marijuanaAnother cannabis themed product that got a lot of accolades across the industry as a best of 2017 is the compact and handy Goldleaf Grow Planner.

This unique gold edged softback marijuana growing planner is the first of its kind and can be used to track and schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

As anyone who grows cannabis knows, this plant must be kept to a strict lighting and harvest calendar to prevent the flowers from going to seed. Use this planer to keep your crop on track so you can bust out the best bud every time.

Designed specifically for marijuana growing, this journal boasts guided entry pages and even features helpful cultivation info graphics and reference charts.

But that’s not all! It also has blank feeding charts to schedule and keep track of nutrients.

Just as important as tracking what you did right, is recording what you did wrong so that you don’t repeat mistakes.

Use the Goldleaf Grow Planner to store the information you’ve researched on how to control pests, soil PH, or other specifics to your grow set-up. The smart little Goldleaf Grow Planner is optimized for all types of cannabis growers, from indoor to outdoor, and for folks growing in soil or coco as well as hydroponics. Makes a fabulous present. Help a friend record their grow progress, improve their marijuana cultivation skills and increase their yields. They may reward you later for their success! The book size is 8.3 inches x 5.5 inches and it covers 5 months or one complete grow cycle.
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Skunk Smell Proof Bag

Skunk Smell Proof BagSo you carefully plan out your bus route for the day and the dispensary is one stop on your to-do list. You drop in and they have that awesome Lemon Haze strain that you just love, but if you buy it you are going to smell like a walking grow-op!

Not to worry, that is what the Skunk Smell Proof Bag is designed to control.

Just pop your nugs inside, seal, and no one will know what you have in your bag or pocket.

Unlike the usual smell-proof bags made out of Mylar or plastics with a zip top, the Skunk has a sleek fashionable fabric shell that belies its sophisticated construction and purpose.

The Skunk consists of no less than 6 layers. These are an outer rubber-backed nylon shell that comes in several colors, an anti-tear protective filter net, a premium activated carbon lining, a foam filter, thermal foil, and silicone-coated canvas interior. While other bags seeks to contain dank smells, the Skunk neutralizes them with its filtration system.

The top folds closed to ensure maximum smell containment with a double Velcro closer and two pull tabs to get this sucker open again. Your goods might as well be in a safe, they are so well protected. Users have commented, “why didn’t I get one of these sooner,” and “how did I live without this?” The Skunk is 11 x 6 inches and comes in 6 different cool color combos. If you need something a bit bigger, the same company also makes a stylish smell proof travel bag and two sizes of smell proof and waterproof lockable backpacks.

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Apollo Grow Room Glasses

Apollo Grow Room GlassesApollo glasses are an industry standard for mid-priced indoor horticultural eye protection.

Designed specifically to shield eyes from intense indoor LED lights.

However, the specialized green lenses also cut back damaging rays from High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halite lighting systems.

Working under lighting systems designed to imitate the sun can create extreme eye stress. This can manifest as tired eyes, blurry vision and even leading to eye pain not unlike the condition known as “snow blindness.” This can creep up on a worker until the night they return home and can’t sleep due to sharp pain through one or both eyes.

The Apollo Grow Room Glasses blocks all Ultra Violet A and B rays as well as protecting your eyes from Infrared wavelengths, glare and reflection. Consider that grow rooms typically don’t only shine lights downward, but use reflective materials to bounce the light around thus filling the area with these wavelengths.

The eye is not used to being exposed from all angles which is why the wrap design of these glasses is a necessary part of their protective effect. Apollo glasses sit close to the eye and are super lightweight (3.5 oz) so you can forget about them and work in comfort.

There are other grow room safety glasses on the market in various styles, but without the combination of close wrap and UV400 protection, they are only half a pair of glasses. Meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards. Apollo backs up the high quality of their Grow Room Glasses with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty.

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Store-Depot Glass Daisy Screens

Store Depot Daisy Glass ScreensThis is the item you didn’t know existed, though you knew you needed it. Glass screens are tiny daisy-shaped screens that you can use in bongs or any larger pipe.

Traditional metal screens off-gas fumes from finishes and oils when heat is applied such as your lighter.

You can use a bong without a screen but if you purchase a lot of quality strains you are going to find that they grind up quite fine and can pop through the bowl before fully combusted.

Glass Daisy Screens hold your grind in place while you are torching it and block larger matter from falling into the water pipe reservoir, keeping it clean for longer.

For less than $10 you get 20 (and sometimes over 20) unique tiny daisies that you can use until crusty and replace. Or, you can follow the lead of a lot of daisy fans and clean your screen in a damp paper towel. Your little container of glass screens will last until the end of time. The Daisies are glass, so they will break if dropped on a hard surface.

If you have a few different pipe sizes don’t despair. Since the Daisy Screens are hand made the sizes are inconsistent and you are likely to get flowers for a variety of size applications. To use, you pop the Daisy Screen with the stem side down into the intake hole of your bowl. Air flows around the petals of the flower and down a center air passage. Your garden of miniature delights arrives in a hard screw-top case that is perfect for storage.

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LEVO Oil Infuser

Advertisement and link for LEVO Oil Infuser at The LEVO Oil Infuser is a small batch infusion maker that needs no emulsifiers or solvents. This means you can turn out professional level quality from your own kitchen.

Make oil and butter infusions from any herb, flower, fruit, seed, nut, vegetable or spice such as avocado oil, cinnamon butter and of course, coconut cannabis oil.

This thing is amazing (full stop).

I am going to try to just tell you the facts without just gushing, but this is a super hot seller for so many good reasons. Batches go from a minimum of 5 ounces to a maximum of 16 ounces using carefully calibrated temperature control.

The herb pod holds up to 8 grams of material. Oils and butters are stirred using magnetics to eliminate aeration which causes them to go rancid. LEVO has consulted with professionals on a wide variety of base material and oil pairings and provide a surprisingly comprehensive guide for amounts and processing time. Get started with the basics, then get creative with your own blends such as canna-mint or chocolate coconut cannabis oil. By now, I’m sure you see why I’m so exited about this machine.

Clean-up is easy since you can toss the spent materials in the trash or compost and place the infusion reservoir in the dishwasher. That’s pretty well all you have to do before enjoying your awesome oils, butters, ointments, lotions, scrubs and more. The unit works by touchscreen and has automated dispensing and straining thus taking many steps out of the traditional infusion method. The LEVO Oil Infuser stands 14 x 9.8 x 8.5 inches and comes in your choice of 4 hip colors.

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Dare to Cure Canvas Tote

Dare to cure with cannabis tote bagDare to Cure with Cannabis is a heavy canvas tote with a wide adjustable cross body strap for hands-free carrying. This makes it easy to transport heavier items such as melons or squash home from the market, or to load it up with lunch and blankets for a trip out to the beach.

Makes a great overnight bag. Organize your stuff or give it as a present, perhaps with something special inside.

The Dare to Cure design is a play on the late 1900s “DARE” campaign that targeted marijuana as if it was as dangerous as heroin. Misinformation was spread about how cannabis started people down the “slippery slope” of dangerous drug use.

Studies have since been done that show alcohol to be a more significant “gateway” drug. This design seeks to re-brand cannabis as the medicinal it is and to help spread support for medicinal marijuana.

Fade green background with black writing on your choice of hand tote or shoulder strap version. Deep construction keeps items in the bag even when it’s set down. This heavy-duty tote is available in medium or large sizes and is an original Best Cannabis Gear design. T shirts and hoodies with this design are also available here. Support the cause — spread the good news of medicinal marijuana and end the drug war!

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6 Replies to “The Best New Cannabis Products”

  1. Hey Doc, I must say I chuckled all the way through this article. Boy do people have great imaginations.

    I love the fact that marijuana is becoming more acceptable, especially for medicinal purposes. And the legalisation of recreational marijuana should help clean up the game from unscrupulous people.

    I used to, often accidentally (!), grow my own. Seeds would fall from friends stashs and funnily enough they loved my garden. One such plant took 3 people 3 days to hand harvest. And it was supremely satisfying.

    Some of these products might help me now because my throat rejects straight joints. Quite a few years ago was my last toke and I coughed for 20 minutes afterwards!

    I love these gadgets so thanks for posting this article.


    1. It sounds like one of the ice pipes would take care of the throat issue from joints. Rolled dried marijuana is definitely one of the harshest ways to ingest cannabis. 

      There’s an organization in Canada that would love you. They are called Overgrow Canada and are run by cannabis activist Dana Larsen who will give willing growers 100 free seeds to plant all over Canada. The aim is to return this plant to its wild indigenous growing patterns across North America and to make this medicine free and accessible. It used to grow wild like dandelion until governments spent good tax dollars to eliminate it from the landscape. Just think of what your garden would be like with a hundred seeds thrown in there!

  2. ok so I think this is awesome, I don’t particularly like cannabis now, but I did in my younger days to help me get to sleep lol. My daughter 25 years, uses it for medicinal purposes because she suffers from ME, Narcolepsy, Cataplexy and the rest lol. Anyway, I’ve just sent her your link, she will be very interested in some of these products. She made some cannabis cookies the other day and I ate two, oh please don’t tell my husband lol. Anyway, they certainly numbed my brain…I fell asleep and dreamt I was in a car traveling around space.

    1. That sounds like a pretty cool dream. Thanks for your comments and for passing my website on to your daughter. Thank you also for being a supportive parent who recognizes the medicinal value of cannabis even if you only accidentally partake of it yourself. I love to hear about how families are handling the increase in medicinal cannabis use because a lot of attitude change happens around the dinner table and on holiday visits. At the legislative level, the war on drugs is ending one state at a time, but on the ground and in real terms its happening one family at a time.  

  3. I’m kind of surprised at what’s available on Amazon, these days. That ice pipe makes perfect sense, and now I’ll have to get one.

    All this stuff is the kind of stuff we see standing in line at the pot store. I’ve been wanting to find resources online, because it’s so much cheaper sometimes. The magic butter machine you’ve got here is at least $20 less. These are all great finds. Thanks

    1. The ice pipe really made me laugh because how many people have high school stories about trying to make some version of an ice packed smoke and then these folks make an entire pipe of ice. It would be awesome to have on a summer day. This will for sure be the cheapest price you’ll find for the Magical Butter maker, because Vapeworld guarantees the lowest price on the internet. I love how much new and creative stuff is coming out for cannabis users. 

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