Super Lemon Haze: A Detailed Review


This is the first in a series of articles comparing types and strains of cannabis for people who are new to this medicine or are changing toward a more medical application. Because this is the first post, I want to deal with some of the review basics I’ll be following.

All samples are inhaled through a clean water bong. For me, this is a standard way to assess qualities such as taste and after-taste, strength, and character. I think the grower should always be recognized, and how it was grown should be included, but only if I’ve seen it myself.

Visit my discussion of seeds if you want more of an overview on strains, cannabinoids such as THC, and types such as Sativa or Indica. These are all considerations when you buy seeds. However, what follows will be a more in depth consideration of the plant at the grand finale of its growth —  the dried and cured flower bud.

Let this Journey Begin

Lemon love I chose to start with this series with Super Lemon Haze because it is a two time Cannabis Cup winner and always scores high among favorites picked by marijuana users. This strain is dominantly Sativa (80%).

It’s a mix of the strains Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze and its parentage reflects in more than just its name. You can definitely smell a bit of that skunk alongside the citrus aroma.

The skunk drops out completely in the taste though, leaving a pleasant lemon after-taste.

Some of the popularity of this strain is due to its strength, which can top out at close to 25% THC to only 1% CBD. With those kinds of numbers, you know you’re in for a trip.

As it winds down, it can give that fuzzy or dry mouth effect, so put the herbal or green tea on now at the beginning.

Did Someone Yell Unleash the Beast?

The high hits quickly. This experience is a quintessential example of a strain that exposes the lie to the idea that Sativa is a head high and Indica is a body buzz.

Super Lemon Haze is first felt in a tightening of the body and it has fairly strong psychoactive effects. You might feel jittery or even somewhat cold.

Couple on beach It’s not difficult to keep your attention on one thing, but this medicine is a better friend if you let it wander. I find its best not to try to force yourself to focus while on it, but to move with it because it wants to move.

This is a very sexy high, energetic, responsive to music and movement as compared to drawing or book-nooking.

I would say it tends more toward yoga and late afternoon dancing in the summer sun than it does toward hard techno and treadmill.

If you try to take this medicine where it doesn’t want to go, you could end up feeling anxious or somewhat paranoid. This wouldn’t be my first choice for a crowded bar or party unless I knew most of the people there.

So this strain isn’t necessarily anti-social, but it prefers comfortable-social. If you are an extrovert and want to ride a rockier wave you can push it into higher volume situations, though you might not like the person you become.

Need to tame this beast? I would not suggest laying down or swimming. Go for a walk and glide with its movement, walk your dog, stretch or do gentle yoga, drink some green tea, put on some music you love and dance, you can coax it into becoming your best friend.

Didn’t We Already Meet?

Once you’ve reconciled or gained a common understanding with this beast, you can ride into the second stage of Super Lemon’s trippiness. Exercise gets more fun, laughs tumble out, goofy ideas turn infectious.

Basically, everything gets easier and more flowy: housework, hiking, hanging out with strangers.

hammock afternoon Though really, you might not want to waste this more mellowed out version of the same sexy beast on strangers.

Munchies are tame, especially if there’s something more interesting tagging your attention.

The second stage of Super Lemon Haze is more conducive to lying in a park or hammock, settling into a drawing or writing, or tinkering, some lower energy activity.

Focus returns and gaming at this stage can be pretty awesome. Because it settles into a deeper feeling of relaxed focus, some folks experience it as medicinal for uplifting depression, energizing fatigue and relieving stress. Appropriately, this second stage is cuddly.

The Beast Tamed

Super Lemon Haze ends surprisingly mellow after its more rocky take off. This is where the munchies might hit the hardest and if you are watching your weight, have some protein, like peanuts, around so you won’t chow down the carbs.

Cannabis love If you listened to this medicine earlier and were active, you probably need that protein now.

You could find yourself surprised at how much time has passed.

The sea shore at sunset, a fave movie, or hanging around a cozy bon fire could sound perfect for this medicine’s slow winding out.

This strain leaves you feeling relaxed but not drained.

If you try to sleep as it tapers off you might find it takes a while to drop off, but the interval is comfortable and nicely chill. Sleep following this ride is deep and satisfying with no hangover effects the next day unless you overdid it to start. In fact, you could wake up feeling energized and cheery.

Best Uses

Overall, this might not be the best choice for a longer focused task such as writing an essay or performing well at a mundane but detail-oriented service job. This excellent cultivation by Greenhouse Seed Co. (BC, Canada) rocks then rolls.

So activities that also have natural changes such as a picnic with friends, romantic time with someone special, or gardening will blend well with the morphing character of Super Lemon Haze. It’s more chilled out second stage is where this strain’s medicinal tendencies really kick in, with reduced pain and anxiety as its key features.

You can use the button below if you want to grab some easy-to-grow and pest resistant Super Lemon Haze seeds. Its easy to find feminized auto seeds for quick small space grows.

Bud availability depends on location with many dispenseries stocking this uber popular strain in Canada, the US and certain parts of the EU.

Super lemon haze button

7 Replies to “Super Lemon Haze: A Detailed Review”

  1. My brother lives in Colorado and is always telling me about all the different buds they sell at his local shop. I never knew there were so many kinds of buds and that it can be used for pain. I’ve never heard of Super Lemon Haze before. I’m sure my brother has. I sent him a link to your website. I’m sure he’ll like your site as much as I do.

    Thanks for a great article,


  2. Wow — That was an excellent article. You described the high perfectly. I had the hardest time with this strain because it was too potent and I got really anxious. And you said it, it was because I was fighting the high. It’s soo much better when you just roll with the flow. You got to just let it take you instead of trying to power through it. Excellent article bro, thank you for your wisdom.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave this excellent comment. Yeah when I review a strain I will purposely try to go against the nature of the medicine to see what happens. I don’t feel that its an honest review if you don’t know what the consequences can be. “In the right place, at the right time” is my motto for every strain. I’m happy that you found this article useful. 

  3. awesome posts.i like your site and very useful to every one..i am glad to visit your website..

    i got so many information which i had not known…so i am wishing u to keep it up..thank you very much

    i got so many information which i had not known…so i am wishing u to keep it up..thank you very much..

    1. Thank you, yes I am trying to offer information in an accessible way and explain some of the jargon that surrounds cannabis so more people feel that it is accessible to them. 

  4. Hi Doug,

    This is a very detailed review from beginning to end of experiencing Super Lemon Haze.

    I am a music producer and like to dabble with various strains for musical creativity and inspiration.

    You said that this strain is good for listening to music but would you say this strain is good for producing music where sometimes I may need to focus on what I’m doing?

    Thanks —


    1. It would not be my first choice for producing music because it’s too uneven. It has a second stage that’s more settled and focused, but the first stage can feel just the opposite. I would steer toward a strain that is a little lighter on the THC, maybe 18 – 20% as opposed to Super Lemon Haze at 25%. I would also look for more balance in the type you choose so perhaps closer to 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Have a look at the “cheese” strains as many give a relaxing high that allows you to keep a steady focus. 

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