Red Cherry Berry Strain: A Detailed Review


Red Cherry Berry cannabis strain ranks among many people’s favorites due to its standout floral fruity scent, which is almost like incense. Some people will even argue that this is the best smelling bud on the market.

The cherry-like fragrance can carry over into the after-taste, making this a unique bud to experience. Growers are also fond of this strain for its low growing profile, ease of care, speed of growth, hardiness and uniform results.

In case this is the first review you’ve read on Best Cannabis Gear, all strains are sampled with a clean basic glass bong and plain water. This is the preferred delivery method of medicinal users because it softens the harsh effects of smoke when you are combusting cannabis.

In the case of Red Cherry Berry, glass bong delivery brings out the exceptional fruity flavor and the same feature also makes a very nice vape.

Cherry with Punch

Red Cherry Berry Review Dutch seed company Barney’s Farms claim that Red Cherry Berry is 50% classic sativa Skunk #1 crossed with its own California Indica relative.

Cannabis cultivator Reeferman claims that the pedigree of Cherry Berry is actually a mix of Burmese, Blueberry and Cherry bomb Indica.

You can decide for yourself which story best matches the experience of this strain, but at 17% THC, it packs a significant wallop regardless of its exact heritage. At the same time, Cherry Berry comes with 1.2% CBD content which used to be considered high not that long ago.

This is why you will see this strain singled out as a medicinal at some dispensaries. However, with the recent breakthroughs in CBD extraction from hemp and other parts of the cannabis plant, 1.2% is now considered very low.

If you are mainly seeking CBD content, you can do better elsewhere, but if you want a strong 70% Indica with a small serving of CBD on the side, then this is your baby.

Let’s Spark it Up

Drink tea with Red Cherry Berry strainA body buzz sets in almost from contact, spreading from throat to lungs and down into the body. The initial reaction is weighty in the body with no high anxiety onset at all.

Red Cherry Berry is low low key which is why some people describe it as producing “couch lock,” or a lack of desire for physical activity.

This makes it the perfect choice to knock back the stress of a bad day, overcome the anxiety of a disturbed sleep, or take the edge off a chronic situation.

That said, you can have a significant mucus reaction to Red Cherry Berry which means it would not be my first choice as a smoke to take to a party or somewhere social to share. It took me several minutes and a few cups of tea to get past the surprisingly harsh first draw and irritating throat and nose effects.

The aggravated throat and sinus sensation passes quite slowly, but it does pass. My experience will not be everyone’s reaction. On subsequent tests of this strain, the irritation significantly diminished but did not go away and it can be accompanied by persistent dry eyes.

Go With the Flow

Cherry blossoms pastoral sceneAs with every strain tested, I wanted to find the sweet spot with this bud so off I go to discover it. A shaky cold can set in, but this is not partnered with any anxious feelings and is easily controlled by donning your favorite cozy hoodie.

Activity can trigger the throat irritation response at first, so plan for inactivity in the early stages of Red Cherry Berry.

An hour into the journey and this is still the case which drives me toward physically inactive but mentally engaged endeavors.

As it turns out, uber concentration and relaxed grooving is the best use for this strain.

Draw or write as soon as the obnoxious throat gig subsides. If you are a gamer, this buzz could up your game. The body buzz continues throughout with intermittent jitters that can wave into a nice calm. I’d say any discomfort from jitters is compensated by the deeply grounded calm that will wash over you and sweetly carry away any sense of nervousness. You can push this strain in that direction with slow fluid moves in the restorative yoga tradition and it is an excellent choice for meditation.


Relaxing massageFar more a body than a head stone, this bud enhances bodily experiences such as massage, hot stone treatment, therapeutic stretching, or just relaxed contemplation and sleep.

It would work well with a cuddle buddy and a movie or on the beach when you need a day off from all the noise.

The Red Cherry Berry strain is more conducive to watching a film with a supermarket scene in it, than actually going to a supermarket. Low key tech or ambient music suits this bud, but I wouldn’t turn off Amy Winehouse either.

Your head clears before the effects leave your body so you can keep that relaxed feeling and get some sitting work done. At this point the pain management aspect of the medicine is at the forefront.

Red Cherry Berry cannabis strain can send people to a Zen-like cloud nine before returning back to the ground hard and in a good way. With such high levels of THC, Red Cherry is not at all lacking when it comes to psychoactive properties, but these are tempered by the fact that it is 70% Indica and only 30% Sativa.

Nonetheless, for some people, this medicine may feel overbearing because high THC is still high THC. Having stated that, beginners should use only a small amount and resist the temptation to take a couple more tokes due to its irresistible scent and taste.

The Connoisseur’s Pot

Red Cherry Berry cannabisLike all strains, you can carry Red Cherry Berry around in your pocket and use it at any time, but why pay for a premium strain and not savor its best aspects?

Its like using a vintage wine in a cooking recipe, many would consider it a waste. Red Cherry is a strain for the connoisseur who wants to enjoy the light cerebral stimulation that accompanies its deeply restorative body stone.

It can chill out anxious tension and make any downtime more focused and enjoyable.

Look for Red Cherry Berry at your local dispensary or consider growing this trouble-free plant from seed. This medium sized plant can be grown indoors or out. Good yields and quick to harvest.

This strain has good availability due to its ease of growth and quick bounce from germination to harvest. You might find that curing for a longer period could take a bit of the bite out of its initial hit and that would make this tasty Indica close to perfect.

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4 Replies to “Red Cherry Berry Strain: A Detailed Review”

  1. What kind of texture does it have? I’ve noticed a lot of strains around Southern Michigan are dry and crumbly. I want a bud that breaks down well smokes even better. Also, I’ve never used a grinder before, do you have any suggestions on some good grinders? Before all the research and big bang about indica and sativa, what were most strands? Is there a strand that is 50/50?

    1. Great questions– Red Cherry Berry is dry and crumbly like the ones you are finding. Why is this? Its because the larger producers who supply dispenseries are using cutting machines that tumble the buds through sharp blades to trim off all the green leaf. This gives them a uniform look. They also use dryers for quick and consistent humidity control. The bud ends up being almost powdery when you crush it to pack a bowl. To get around this for Red Cherry Berry or any of the popular dispensed strains, you might have to grow it yourself. You can also rehydrate it, which I’ll be talking about in a future article. 

      Before knowledge about strains became popularized, Kush was king. There was a long period where growers were trying to increase the strength of sativa Kush to get the strongest smoke on the planet. Cannabis was often refered to by its place of origin such as Columbian Gold or Jamaican Red Hair. Whether or not it was hydroponically grown was also considered important. 

      For 50/50% Indica/Sativa check out the Bomb, Critical or Caramel line of strains. Please note that the 50/50s tend to be heavy hitters because you are maximizing the amount of Indica and Sativa that you can get together. People report almost psychedelic highs with significant couch lock. 

      Lastly, I just added one of my top choices for a grinder here. Check it out to see why I feel its a great choice. 

  2. I haven’t been really a “connoisseur,” more like just a consumer of cannabis, mostly because of cost. I used to just go with whatever the deal-of-the-day was. But then I noticed I was always getting dry bud, so I started going for the fresher stuff and realized that there are huge differences in each type. I’m starting to get into the variances and differences and figure out what I like best. It makes sense that different strains are going to be best with different activities.

    You’re outline here is perfect. You’ve got me wanting to get high on red cherry berry and go get a massage now. I think this is one of those quality ones that might be worth growing myself, too. I will definitely keep coming back here for your reviews so I don’t keep wasting my time testing out the bargain bin. Thanks so much.

    1. You are very welcome. I hear you about that dry bud. Your own organic fresh bud will always be better. Red Cherry Berry is definitely a grow list consideration given its low profile, ease of growth and quick time to harvest. If you want to try out some known strains for yourself for a great price and are in Canna-land (Canada) then check out FairCannaCare for awesome prices starting as low as $2 a gram. Otherwise, I will indeed be continuing to publish strain reviews that are unbiased and geared toward the medicinal user who wants more out of their experience than just raw strength. 

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