CBD Oil in Canada

A “miracle” cure that’s been with us all along!

The big deal with cannabis legalization was supposed to be how to control the thousands of people who would go crazy over free access to recreational marijuana. Fearmongerers painted a dismal picture of rabid “cannabis addiction,” drivers getting high and causing a massive spike in traffic accidents, parents neglecting their kids, children innocently swallowing copious amounts of pot and students getting too doped up to go to school. Basically, the minute it was made legal, cannabis was suddenly going to turn into alcohol with all of its lethal problems.

Where cannabis has been legalized to date, the reality has been much different. This is mainly because recreational users were already managing their cannabis use. They were already buying cannabis despite the money-wasting and propaganda-driven “war on drugs.” They already kept cannabis away from their kids and they already preferred the living room couch to the driver’s seat.

Instead, the biggest surprise hasn’t been about cannabis use at all. It hasn’t even been about the cannabis plant. The biggest surprise by a long shot has been CBD extracted from the lowly industrial hemp plant.

What is CBD

Hemp plantThe cannabis family of plants produces over 80 different kinds of cannabinoid molecules. The first most abundant cannabinoid is THC which can give you a high feeling. The second most abundant is CBD, which doesn’t make you feel high — it has no psychoactive effects at all — but it can make you feel amazing.

So how does that work if you aren’t high but you feel amazing. Well, if you eat a CBD brownie and your chronic pain lessens to the point where you can do recuperative therapies and get stronger, doesn’t that feel great?

If you can control or stop epileptic seizures or muscle spasms, isn’t that a huge relief?

If you give your dog a couple of drops and she can walk again, doesn’t that make you happy?

If you can have surgery as I did and use only CBD in the place of opioid pain killers wouldn’t that be awesome? I thought it was pretty awesome.

As it turns out we have cannabinoid receptors all over the human body, not just in the brain. This means we respond to CBD lotions, drinks, oils or sprays under the tongue. We respond to vaporizing CBD, rolling it like a cigarette and smoking it, putting it in a pipe or water bong. We can take CBD capsules like a vitamin. It doesn’t matter how we apply it, research is showing that our bodies are using it and the benefits are honestly far beyond the majority of medicines invented by humans.

Is CBD Medicine

Project CBD is an authoritative news and information source and they state the following:

“Scientific and clinical research—much of it sponsored by the US government—underscores CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, chronic pain, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, antibiotic-resistant infections, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere. Further evidence suggests that CBD is safe even at high doses.”

Hemp CBD oil products

More than 3,000 people die from regular legal over-the-counter aspirin yearly in Britain alone. Alcohol related deaths are counted by the tens of thousands while CBD has been linked to zero fatalities. In the meantime, people continue to see amazing results from CBD, as I did when I used it as a post-surgical pain treatment.

Does CBD Help Pain

Following my surgery I was handed a prescription for opioid pain killers with directions to fill it and start using it right away. The woman who took my prescription and pharmacist who filled it at Shopper’s Drug Mart both sang the same song — take this, take this, use it all!

What they sang was the opioid propaganda song and it starts with the lie that the body cannot heal if you are in pain. This is a new “belief,” one that I had never heard in all my years on this planet and one that is serving the opioid-pushing industry well. Indeed, if my body could not heal when I was in pain I would still have the broken elbows I suffered in a bicycle accident over 20 years ago.

surgical procedureThe second verse of the opioid propaganda song cheerfully intones that you must take pain killers before you actually feel pain or its too late!

The threat of being too late compels people to start popping opioids before they even feel any pain.

I stopped short on this one because the research on my particular procedure revealed that common complaints following surgery were nausea, headaches and dizziness — all of which were the side effects of the opioids, not the surgery.

Now don’t get me wrong, there was indeed a threat that I needed to pay attention to, but it was not the threat of post-surgical pain. Instead, it was the threat of possible addiction which leads to a life of pain. As Addictions.com reports, “By 2010, the number of pain medications prescribed was enough to keep every single American medicated for one month’s time.” By that same year, over 12 million Americans were using opiates for non-medical reasons and the number has escalated since. Although I received ample warning about how urgent it was to take these meds, I received no warnings about opioid addiction.

Because I used CBD and wasn’t doped and groggy following my surgery I moved around a lot more and that helped to speed up my recovery. Of course, I had a couple of days that were worse than the others, but people using opioids say the same. My state of mind stayed really positive while using CBD. It helped me sleep which contributed to how productive and happy I was overall. CBD gave me a way to navigate all the pain and difficulty of getting back my full range of motion so I could completely recover. Being able to use CBD to manage pain entirely changed how I was able to heal.

Can you buy CBD oil in Canada

It is legal to use CBD in all 50 US states and business is booming. In Canada the CBD situation is a bit more convoluted. CBD as a particular molecule is the same regardless of its souce. The CBD molecule is present in cannabis at lower amounts and in its sister plant, hemp, at higher amounts. In Canada, if the CBD product includes a THC level below .3% it is legal for personal use and doesn’t need a prescription or card. The Canadian government has heavily regulated THC and this has impacted the availability of CBD.

Hemps seedsIt’s worth noting here that this high rate of CBD relative to THC content is possible to achieve when it’s taken from the low-THC industrial hemp plant, which is a tall, scrawny and fibrous member of the cannabis plant family.

Being a member of the cannabis family, the hemp plant still has a whole host of cannabinioids, but THC only appears in trace amounts. We are still in the midst of research to discover what some of these other cannabinioids do and how they work with CBD.

Unfortunately this is where Canada’s laws get really twisted. Although a major hemp producer, Canada heavily regulates hemp and it does not enjoy the freedom that it does in the US. According to Canada’s Industrial Hemp Regulations, oil taken from the seed canot contain more than 10 parts per million THC and is completely restricted from containing CBD. Given that CBD has never been proven to have adverse effects on humans, this ruling is simply political.

A provider cannot get around this unnecessarily punative regulation by producting from the whole industrial plant rather than just the seed. Creating products from the whole industrial hemp plant, not just the seed, fall under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and these regulations exclude hemp as a source of authorized CBD and cannabis products.

There are CBD products on the market with a higher THC content such as half-and-half mixes. These are available to Canadians if you have a health concern that qualifies you to register with an LP or licensed producer. The products from LPs are also available online once you get a diagnosis and prescription to access them. However, if the THC content is below .3% it is entirely legal to purchase CBD online in Canada from anyone.


I have written previously about FairCannaCare and their commitment to offering medicinal cannabis products online at affordable prices to folks across Canada. Like CBD Canada, FairCannaCare offers a solvent-free CBD isolate in the form of an oil that can be added food, drinks, or administered in drops under your tongue. It is mixed with MCT oil which is a coconut oil concentrate that has its own health benefits in addition to the CBD.

Rick Simpson oilFairCannaCare’s CBD oil is extracted from 100% organic hemp and tests at 99.9% purity. It is comparable to the Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears oil and boasts similar medicinal effects concerning a wide variety of ailments from migraines to insomnia.

The big difference between CBD oil and Phoenix Tears is the plant. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant while the Rick Simpson product is taken from the cannabis plant which means it typically sits around 2% -10% CBD but can have significant THC content in the 50% – 60% range.

Some websites will describe CBD oil as being felt more in the body while Phoenix Tears affects the mind but this is a falsely simplistic opposition.

As anyone who smokes cannabis knows, THC can certainly be felt in the body and its medicinal effects are beneficial for the body as well. For example, Rick Simpson oil can be used topically to relieve psoriasis and it is what Rick Simpson himself famously used to cure his skin cancer. When used topically, Rick Simpson oil has no psychoactive effects. To learn more about Phoenix Tears including what it treats, watch the documentary that brought this medicine to national recognition, The Rick Simpson Story: Run from the Cure.

The high THC level of Rick Simpson oil provides a euphoric feeling that increases with the size of the dose. Unlike CBD Canada, you can order Rick Simpson oil online from FairCannaCare as well as CBD isolate oil and may find that your ailment responds better to a mixed treatment. While both CBD and Rick Simpson oil are touted as cures for cancer, there is almost no research on mixed regimens and I would strongly suggest that you keep a treatment diary noting dosage and frequency.

FairCannaCare button

Best CBD Product for Pain

Treat painI have gone over a lot of different CBD products available in Canada in this article and want to leave off by touching on the question of what is the best CBD product for pain. It’s a frequently asked question and can be answered quickly.

All CBD products will relieve pain to varying degrees depending on the percentage of CBD, the dosage, the type of product, what kind of pain it is working on and your own metabolism.

For these reasons your first foray into the exciting possibilities of CBD are somewhat experimental and you should always start with the lowest dosage and work up from there. If you can, keep a treatment diary, most especially if you are working on alleviating a condition that returns or is chronic.

Remember that these are concentrates and so a little is actually a lot. Ease your dosage up incrementally and take the time to assess what this valuable medicine is doing for you. If you opt to join the thousands that have already found relief from CBD oil, please return and share your story.

38 Replies to “CBD Oil in Canada”

  1. Very timely article Doug. Ever since I read a few of your posts, I’ve been interested to explore cannabis as a treatment option for both personal and work-related cases.

    Interestingly, I’ll be traveling to Canada this October and am hoping to get hold some of these products as they aren’t available where I live. Would you know if there’s any restriction buying them online or over the counter as a foreign visitor? Thanks.

    1. Hi Cathy, 

      Thanks for your comment. Even after all the research I’ve done, I still find the cannabis plant endlessly fascinating. That is great that you will be visiting Canada. I’m not sure what part you are visiting but just like the US and Australia, access to cannabis is quite uneven across the country. There are pockets where access is pretty easy, such as a lot of southern Ontario (Toronto area) and British Columbia (Vancouver area) but it can get a lot more difficult across the north, the east coast and the central provinces. You can definitely access online from anywhere in Canada and in that case your medicine is probably coming from Vancouver or Toronto. Being a foreigner is less an issue than being of age, which is 19 in Canada. I hope you have a wonderful trip and if you are coming to southern Ontario, feel free to contact me for personal assistance. 

  2. Hi Dr Doug

    I’ve read an article a few days ago about a woman claiming to had been cured of cancer due to some cannabis oil, I think it was CBD, but I am not sure.

    She said the chemical therapies did not improve her situation, but thanks to cannabis oil she is now healthy as before. She did not reveal any more information, but maybe this information was hidden by the news website.

    What’s your opinion on that matter? You mentioned CBD anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated. So, we can’t be sure?

    1. That’s a great question. Its not so much that we can’t be sure. There are plenty of people who know that cannabis oil (Rick Simpson oil) or CBD oil cured their condition. The problem is that the cancer industry is set up in such a way that it can sue people for making this claim. So it is litigation, not science or people’s lived experience, that is determining what attributes we can speak about regarding cannabis. Is the threat of litigation good health care or good science? Clearly it’s not, but its the situation we are in. Happily, people’s joy at having overcome cancers and other serious health conditions with the help of cannabis cannot be suppressed and the word is spreading despite the industry’s efforts to undermine the success of cannabis and CBD therapies.  

  3. I have older friends who suffers from severe diseases. They are actually legal to hold onto THC extractions for medical purposes. I heard it makes you feel relaxed and increases your appetite.
    CBD sounds pretty new to me. I have a feeling that CBD will be the next big thing because it doesn’t involve getting you “high”. It simply helps you stay positive despite difficult situations.
    That would save a lot of people especially helpful at preventing someone from getting addicted to opioids which literally gets you addicted.
    Another cool thing about CBD is that it helps with antibiotic resistant infections. I am not sure how that works, but those kinds of infections are usually the worst. Other than thinking of this as a “recreational drug”, the government should consider how many lives it can save. How do you feel?

    1. There is definitely still more to learn about CBD. Research has been hampered by the government’s regressive treatment of it as a drug but now that this veil is lifting, we are finding a lot that it can do for epilepsy, MS, anxiety, Lupis and other hard to treat health concerns. There is a strong correlation between falling rates of opioid additiction and the legalization of cannabis such as is reported in this article citing a study where the results were very promising. They have consistently found that opioid deaths are down in US states where marijuana is legalized. 

  4. This is an interesting article for me. Thank you for writing it. The reason is that I do not live in Canada or the USA so the conversation around marijuana or cannabis oil is still very much that it is an illegal substance and should not be taken under any circumstances. It is interesting to hear from users like yourself who feel better through using it. It is a natural substance after all and opioids and other strong pharmaceuticals are not. It is interesting to see the different products, formulas and delivery methods that manufactures have created to help dispense this product. I was just wondering what your personal favourite is?

    1. Australia is now not that far behind Canada in legalizing cannabis. I’m going to be doing an article the status of cannabis legalization internationally. Its surprising what countries are close to legal, but its definitely the trend across the globe.

      I think there are so many ways to use cannabis because it works best to tailor your choice to the situation. Certianly pen-style vaporizers are very convenient for being in public, a roll-up can be nice to share with a friend, oils are excellent in edibles for when smoking in inappropriate. I just see all the different ways to deliver the product as having their own unique applications. Its definitely part of why cannabis is such an interesting topic right now.

  5. Very interesting article. I received a postcard in the mail not long ago saying this was legal in all 50 states and how to order. I did not believe that it was legal in all 50 states so I just pitched it.
    Is it legal to order online from the states? I would like to try some. My husband has fractures in his lower spine. He takes some opioids from time to time. I would love to find something for him to take like this. It does sound very promising.

    1. Well as it turns out there has been some very exciting research in the area of CBD healing bone fractures. This article published on BioTrackTHC goes through the advantages of both THC and CBD for recouperation from a bone fracture.

      I was surprised to find that these cannabinoids had the capability to rebuild bones. This can lead toward some very promising discoveries for seniors suffering from different forms of bone thinning and breaking.

      You can order CBD online and have it delivered in any US state. One company that you might consider is New Leaf who make high quality CBD products and ship all over the US.

      1. Thanks so much Dr. Doug. I just ordered for my husband. I hope that this is something that really works for him. If it does, it certainly will be a God Send! I appreciate your help!

        1. You are so welcome Cynthia. The effects are gentle for some and startling for others. The awesome thing is that its not big pharma advertising that is making people aware of CBD, its the miraculous experiences of real people. I wish you all the best on his healing journey.

  6. I love that the availability of this medicine is getting to be more recognized. Thank you for sharing some reputable companies that you know. I have a friend that has been looking for some quality CBD oil here in the United States. Will any of these companies ship to California?

    1. I believe that both New Leaf and Elixinol CBD will deliver to California since it is equally legal across all the US states. CBD isn’t the same as cannabis where each state has its own limitations on where and how it can be bought, sold, produced, shipped, etc. CBD is generally legal in any format.

      Companies who produce CBD in the US or Canada don’t seem to be shipping across the border though. I think this has more to do with the border itself than with the legality of the product because 100% CBD is legal in both countries. Customs has no official directive about CBD and so is or can be treated like a “drug war” product instead of a legal medicine. For this reason, ordering across the border is still dicey.

      Last summer the customs officials at the Windsor/Detroit border gave me a hard time for having the conversion of ounces to grams written in a notebook I was carrying. I owned a cafe and the conversion was to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, but that’s the level of crazy these people hit when they see something that might be related to cannabis.

  7. I’m glad to hear that my Canadian friends can choose this product for all its good uses. A couple of years ago I read “Dreamland” by Sam Quinones which is about the history of opioid marketing and consequent abuse, which usually leads to heroin use. A now rampant problem.
    It’s so fortunate that now peeps can choose CBD and not even start on the destructive stuff!
    This article is very well presented and informative. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for bringing up Quinones’ book Dreamland, its a great read on the topic of the rampant use of opioids in the US. This book won and was nominated for several awards when it came out in 2015. The sub title is the True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic and Quinones, who was formerly a journalist, tells the story with great research.

      Although Dreamland came out a couple of years ago, its still every bit as relevant today because nothing has changed. Its amazing that he could have written and published this book and still the situation is the same. I am hoping that once people understand what CBD can offer them, they switch from opioids to this safer alternative.

  8. Hi Doug, I had no idea it was legal in all 50 states, I would much rather use CBD for my anxiety instead of using meds like Xanax. Here in Utah, I heard of a shop that was selling it, they got caught and were fined. But no one is sure if it is legal or not, the church here is fighting it stating that it will lead to taking other drugs.
    So I say screw them I’ll purchase it online.
    Thanks for posting this great information,

    1. There are a lot of law enforcement officials who don’t know what CBD is, they don’t know it comes from hemp and not the cannabis plant and they don’t know its actually 100% legal. That head shop could probably get their fine money back. Likewise the church doesn’t understand that CBD isn’t marijuana.

      There’s a great need for more education which is a big part of the reason I started this website. Sure there are a lot of cool cannabis products that I can make people aware of, but the big thing for me is getting the word out on the healing wonders that medicinal use of marijuana will achieve. There’s just nothing like it so you go and order your medicine online. No one can tell us that we don’t have a right to heal ourselves.

  9. I was curious and live in the states. I was able to order some CBD oil but it had a low percent. I had to take several pills at a time to help with my pain. I am sure if I found a better grade of CBD oil, it would work better. I am thinking of buying some from you and see how it worked compared to the other I had gotten. I do smoke so I would have to stop smoking and just try the pills to see how they work.

    Thank you for this interesting information. I am hoping the US catches up to other countries when it comes to these things.

    1. I have heard from other people that the CBD capsules are not as effective as the tinctures and oils. Part of the reason could be that the tinctures often go under the tongue so the delivery into your bloodstream is faster and more efficient than going through the digestive system. I can certainly vouch for the effectiveness of the oils and I’m surprised at how powerful a mainly CBD bud can be to smoke. I expected that to be a weak way to deliver the medicine but I was wrong.

      In the US you can order CBD online legally in any state from New Leaf. Its a high quality CBD product that wont disappoint.

  10. Interesting enough, I just wrote a blog post about Medical Marijuana in the workplace and the benefits of CBD vs Opioid and how it can possibly overturn the opioid crisis we have. I am all for the replacement especially in cases for recovery and treat pain from surgeries or chemotherapy. I am in the US and didn’t realize it was harder to obtain in Canada. I do hope that that changes very soon as CBD oil is definitely very beneficial. Thanks!

    1. It would be comical watching our politicians turn themselves inside out and backwards to try to protect pharma profits from the cheaper and more effective use of CBD except that they are causing a lot of undue harm and pain. Canada is actually a major producer of hemp but is way behind the medicinal hemp industry due solely to the self-serving laws such politicians passed. 

      One of the beauties of hemp is that it is not only beneficial for health, as you note, but also for the enviroment since so much that is now made of plastics can be fabricated with hemp. It can also replace a lot of paper product which would stop clear cutting and deforestation. It is the source of a more Omega fatty acid rich and nutritious oil than canola, soy, corn or other GMO seeds. So hemp isn’t just an amazing plant for giving us CBD, but can also help us save the planet. 

      For this reason alone it should be legal everywhere. 

  11. Great read! As an avid smoker myself, I still didn’t know the big difference between thc and cbd. But I’ve been reading more and more on it and am starting to think it’s a great idea! Even if it doesn’t get you high, if it’s taking away all the pain, who cares! I see that you found two places who send cbd oils in Canada, what about the US?

    1. I am actually going to be writing about the CBD oil situation specifically in the US. There are more and more ways to buy CBD hemp oil opening up in the US, but I’ll be looking at what is the best place. Buy CBD online from anywhere in the US is the quick and easy answer, especially for many smaller locales where access to hemp oil medicine can be extremely restricted. For larger cities there is a lot more choice, but internet delivery adds convenience. 

      I think a lot of people who have smoked cannabis since back in the day are finding that their pot data base is going through a major up-date right now. They are asking questions not just about the difference between CBD and THC, but also about the explosion in availability of different strains, when to choose sativa or indica, what are the different concentrates, and how to use marijuana to cure pet ailments. This is truly a revolution in how this plant is understood even by long term users. 

      I also think that use of marijuana is shifting from the goal of how high you can get to how good it can make you feel. This is where edibles and oils are really coming to the forefront because they can supply a gentle euphoric feeling for up to three times as long as smoking cannabis. 

  12. I’m doing a lot of research into using natural remedies to cure aches and pain. I am not a fan of prescription medicine as I know that the majority of them only suppress the underlying problem which often leads to more issues, not to mention the side effects.
    I have two close friends who are battling cancer: One prostrate and the other bowel. Can CBD be used to help with these cases?
    I’ve done a quick check on Amazon and there are 2 books with really positive reviews about CBD. However, no products. Is it possible to buy the product online from a reputable source. Can you recommend a reputable source?

    1. I agree with you about prescription medicines – they are under-researched in the rush to bring them to market and some come with pages of side effects which commonly include death. I was precribed prednisone in 2005 and I literally had to take an entire afternoon to print and read all the side effects of this drug. While doing that I vowed to not stay on it despite my rheumatologist’s warnings that my autoimmune would quickly kill me if I ceased taking prednisone. A year later I was off that drug and working to recover from all of the damage it caused. Since then I have switched to using only natural solutions to my autoimmune condition including cannabis and CBD and now have it under control.

      A highly reputable source for CBD in the US is New Leaf Naturals in Colorado. The reason I like these folks is that they offer 100% organic products which I think is essential to healing. There are no additives, preservatives, or emulsifiers and this company specializes in CBD. They are also in Colorado which legalized early and is ahead of a lot of the rest of the USA in terms of organizing, optimizing and overseeing product production. Your friends will get a lot of great information from their site.

      Just to give your friends some choice, they can go to Kat’s Naturals which also specializes in high quality CBD products for ailments such as cancer. Kat’s is a top pick by quality dispensaries in the US as they expand their offerings beyond cannabis flowers and into the newer healing end of the industry. There are a lot of smaller CBD companies which may or may not be fly-by-night. As someone who wants to give people only quality recommendations, I avoid these smaller or more sketchy looking sites and just go with the companies who are getting good ratings from customers.

  13. Since CBD has always been considered a “drug” it makes it hard for the population that never tried it or benefited from its aid with medical conditions. Most do see it as a gateway dug as well. I personally never really liked the feeling it gave.
    I know for a fact that it helps with certain types of psychological issues but it also enhances the affect of some psychosocial issues. It is like a lot of other prescribed medications, it may help or it may cause other health concerns.
    I have no issues for those who are using it for medicinal reasons, but to use it for the high, that’s different. Not that I have an issue with it, but i won’t stand and fight for the legalization of it for those individuals.
    Thank you for such an informative article.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lee Ann, most especially since it gives me an opportunity to ensure that people are getting the correct information. CBD has never been considered a drug since it is not what gets you “high” and it occurs in very small amounts in the cannabis plant. It is mainly found in larger amounts in the hemp plant which is not illegal. The US government recognizes CBD as a beneficial substance and it is legal and always has been across all 50 states.

      CBD is not and has never been considered a gateway drug. It has no “drug” effects so it would be a poor gateway to much of anything other than healing major ailments. A series of studies in the UK and Europe have, however, found that alcohol is a significant gateway drug so that is indeed a drug to be wary of. Unlike other prescribed drugs, it has no side effects so it doesnt cause other health concerns.

      No one uses CBD for the high as it gives no high. With these new facts in hand it seems that you are indeed in favour of medicinal use and that is just great, because CBD is rapidly gaining in popularity over the prescription drugs that we have used in the past. You are probably aware of the opioid crisis and how doctors and clinics have over-prescribed these drugs. I can see that you are very concerned about drug use and so the happy news is that safer and non-addictive CBD can be used in the place of these highly addictive and life-damaging pharma products!

  14. Thanks for this great and very informative post on a subject that some people see as taboo. I think the best thing they did was to legalise cannabis, especially for people who use it for relieving their pain. I have never seen the point of not using it when it actually works a lot better than prescription pain killers. I agree with you that there are so many people nowadays who become addicted to painkillers and can’t break the addiction.

    I would finally like to say well done to the US for legalising cannabis and it was interesting to read how you used it yourself after your surgery rather than the painkillers you were prescribed and you did better and had no chance of any addiction.

    I have used hemp hand cream and although it is really good, I don’t like the smell of it.

    Thank you again for a great post.

    1. Hi Cheryl and thanks for your comment. Just put a drop or two of a rosemary or lavender essential oil in your hemp hand cream to modify the smell. These oils are added by some companies for that reason and they will enhance and not spoil your hemp hand cream. That said, in order for your hand cream to be medicinal it needs to do more than come from hemp, it should specify that it has CBD oil or extract in it and tell you what the percentage is on the container.

      Hemp oil can be extracted from the plant and used like flax oil but this does not have any CBD in it. Early hemp products were made from these oils and have high Omega fatty acids — which are indeed good for us — but they do not meet the medicinal standards of a CBD product.

      I agree with you absolutely, hats off to the different states for legalizing marijuana. I have had mainly positive and supportive feedback on this site which demonstrates the statistic that almost 65% of Americans agree with legalizing cannabis. Happily this number is growing all the time and I dont know that anyone in the US administration can bring back the old “war on drugs” days now and make it illegal again.

  15. Your post is well written and explains the benefits of CBD clearly.

    What I like is that the benefits of CBD are beneficial to those with a wide range of ailments including arthritis and other chronic pain sufferers, like myself.

    I do like this comment: “CBD, which doesn’t make you feel high — it has no psychoactive effects at all — but it can make you feel amazing.” a feeling something I would appreciate.

    What I don’t know is if this product is available in Australia, or whether we can buy it in from overseas.

    That is something I need to check.

    1. For most of 2017 in Australia politicians faught over the legalization of CBD, which was already legal in the US and Canada. Although there were interests that wanted to keep it illegal, clearer thinking and more compassionate people won the day and in November 2017 CBD became legal in Australia. Several companies were poised to make CBD available to the Aussie public throughout that year but only a few have survived to still be able to offer it by the end of that year.

      Elixinol is one of those companies. It got a bit of bad press when people’s orders were seized by customs as CBD see-sawed between legal and illegal status during that year, but you should be clear to order the product you want at this point since it is now fully legal. At this point Australia is under-serviced for CBD as it will be for cannabis when it makes that legal because it is behind other major nations in legalizing. The government’s antics in keeping cannabis products illegal has slowed the development of Aussie home industry and most of the product you can get there is from other countries, including Elixinol. However, people are excited that Australia has now opened the door to CBD products and you can use this code to get 10% off your first order! – 10off1150

  16. Thanks for this informative article on CBD. Your article highlights and elucidates very well the issues that are relating to its use, especially the problem of why Canadians have been stopped from accessing it when it clearly cures so many illnesses.

    I have not heard much about CBD being used for surgical pain so to hear you talk about this is a surprise. I know about the chronic pain, but not acute as you describe. You start to see now some talk in the media about CBD cures cancer and if there is even a chance it can do this, why not have major research into it?

    I personally can’t understand why so much fuss is made about all this subject when we have a real killer out there called alcohol and no body is doing anything about it for real because there is too much money to be lost from taxes. cannabis should be used as medicine for those who need it. Who needs alcohol other then for escaping?

    1. I completely agree Eli. The resistance to even acknowledging that CBD has promise to cure cancer tells the whole story of how big pharma wants to protect their profit-making cancer treatment fiasco. My step-father died from chemo treatments. He basically died from dehydration. They did surgery to remove the cancer and even told him they got it all, but nonetheless pressured him through scare tactics into doing both radiation and chemo. He was in his 70s — this treatment was really a criminal offense. 

      The alcohol issue is mindboggling. There have been a number of studies that point to alcohol as not just worst that CBD and cannabis, but which state that it is the most dangerous drug in modern society. The death toll alone should be enough to rewrite the laws immediately in favour of cannabis. If we really behaved like an evidence-based and scientific modern society, bars and taverns would be replaced by cannabis lounges and CBD would be covered by public health insurance. 

      Our healthcare cost in Canada would plummet practically overnight just by making this change.

  17. With the rise of cannabis and markets expanding across the country, it’s great to know where we can get the CDB pills at. I would love to see if it would help my arthritis, as I experience it after a long day of being on the computer. I appreciate your help with this guide and hope to see more content from you soon.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Ryan. I encourage guests to leave a comment or ask a question since I reply within a day. 

      Here is an article from Key to Cannabis that talks specifically about how to use CBD for pain such as arthritis. In it they note that one of the first and easiest ways to use CBD for arthritis is with a CBD cream. Arthritis responds well to having the CBD applied right to the area and CBD Canada offers a cream for just this reason. 

      As I mention in the article, we have cannabinoid receptors all over our bodies so that makes CBD cream the best choice for arthritis, rhuemetoid arthritis, fibromialgia pain, varicose veins, or any other local pain problem. I actually used the first method they talk about in the article, smoking, to manage post-operative pain. 

      When I saw how well it worked, I switched to CBD oil for pain. I mixed it into some melted coconut oil just to thin it out a bit and found that the CBD oil immediately calmed the discomfort. This was a surprise actually. From the studies I had ready I was confident that CBD would speed up healing, but I didnt expect it to calm that smarting/burning sensation that you can have after surgery. 

  18. Great article and very informative! I am very excited to see the hemp and CBD market expand as the world starts to accept it as a beneficial medicine.

    Thank you for sharing this with me. Love supporting others on their mission to spread awareness about the awesomeness that is cannabis.

    Keep educating and spreading the word. The world needs this 🌱
    Peace. ✌🏼

    1. Thank you Sabrina. I can’t tell you the real joy it brings me to make this information available.

      I really chuckle about the CBD situation. There was all of big pharma lobbying to keep cannabis illegal so it would not compete with their drugs and a completely legal plant – hemp – saunters onto center stage with its super healing abilities. CBD will carry cannabis into the lime light of public acceptability way faster than our political protests did. I should say that it is doing it right now. CBD is an exploding sector in the US — Im amazed at how CBD is blasting out of the gate and Im amazed at what it can do. This plant is a remarkable gift from Mother Earth and Im so happy that people are becoming reunited with their birthrite through healing.

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