Red Cherry Berry Strain

Red Cherry Berry Strain: A Detailed Review

  Red Cherry Berry cannabis strain ranks among many people’s favorites due to its standout floral fruity scent, which is almost like incense. Some people will even argue that this is the best smelling bud on the market. The cherry-like fragrance can carry over into the after-taste, making this a…

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Blue Dream flower

Blue Dream: A Detailed Review

  Give your marijuana medicine every opportunity to help you. Find out what strain will work the best for you, then take the steps to ensure that you aren’t working against it. For example, don’t choose a strain that’s relaxing and meditative if you are up against a deadline. You…

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cannabis bud close up

Super Lemon Haze: A Detailed Review

  This is the first in a series of articles comparing types and strains of cannabis for people who are new to this medicine or are changing toward a more medical application. Because this is the first post, I want to deal with some of the review basics I’ll be…

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