Cannabis Revolution

The Underground Mainstream Arrives…

The cannabis underground mainstream is real. It’s not one of those demographic fictions that the media loves to create starting from the end of the alphabet. The cannabis underground mainstream even has its own Facebook-style social media platforms such as WeedLife which includes a separate platform just for canna-biz called WeedCircles.

The cannabis underground mainstream doesn’t have lists of businesses — it has directories of lists of businesses, and directories of directories. Footraffic is a good example of a directory that lists the best 58 directories of cannabis related business and organizations.

What Does This Mean?

Considering that these developments are secondary services that support an already existent ground swell of unique business and individual users, one word comes to mind for me here. That word is infrastructure.

When you have that much business massively starting up at the same time plus a second tier to service all that new industry, you’ve got infrastructure. But directories of directories are not the only indicator of infrastructure intensification.

Cannabis stock S&P

There is also the classic example of inclusion on the stock market. And I’m going to pause here, because its worthwhile to remember how difficult it is to get a business publicly listed on a major stock market such as the TSX in Toronto, Canada.

Yet canna-biz has breezed past this achievement to establish its own marijuana business stock index. Did I mention infrastructure? And it has banking services such as Platinum Finance Center and cannabis credit cards like CanPayDebit which is the world’s first card less debit phone app for use in emerging markets.

Then the Winds Pick Up Speed

Group fist bumpWhen I last checked, over 20 states in the US are poised to vote on legalizing cannabis in some form including Vermont, New Jersey and Virginia and starting with New Hampshire any day now.

Over 62% of Americans now support decriminalizing cannabis.

State governments have seen the economic boom that legalization brings to domestic economy as well as the needed shot in the arm for destitute state budgets.

Colorado has collected an extra half a billion dollars so far since legalizing cannabis in 2016.

For people who live outside of the US, its important to understand that the federal government has been starving the state governments of necessary operating cash since Regan was president.

At the same time, the federally driven “war on drugs” has packed state prisons and drained their coffers while state and municipal police costs escalated out of control. Jeff Sessions might rattle the Winchester about clamping down on marijuana, but its in the best interest of these twenty plus states to simply defy the feds and spark the golden bong. Oh wait, even Sessions has changed his mind about pot and has dropped his escalation of a war that has already failed.

How Big is Big?

big balloonWhat we’re seeing is more than a trend, its bigger than a bubble. Why would I say that? Perhaps because of that already developed and quickly escalating infrastructure I mentioned.

But also because over 90,000 people have already registered as medicinal users in Colorado alone. Politicians have discovered that one side of their bread is canna-buttered.

As a great example, Trudeau played the cannabis card during the last election and won his kick at the Canadian can.

However, since becoming Prime Minister, Trudeau’s domestic tactics have been state-sponsored attacks on small independent canna-business in order to clear the way for insider deals with foreign-owned corporations such as the LCBO and Shoppers Drug Mart.

But the backdoor trip to a full handover of the multi-billion dollar canna-industry to corporate buddies is not going so smoothly. That surge of economically revitalizing infrastructure is not going to be quelled or controlled with a few coordinated RCMP raids.

Reactionary Conservatism

roller coasterThe bigger corporations are basically scrambling to grab their piece of the pot pie, because as I noted, the infrastructure is being built from below.

And it must be built from below. History set things up that way.

The drug war built everything that is above us — federal policies that gave the green light to the prison-industrial system, the brutally militarized police and racist profiling.

This superstructure is not able to easily absorb what it has violently denounced for more than 50 years, hence leading to Session’s constipated threats and squeeky retraction.

What we’re witnessing right now is not a revolution of the people, or a rise of the working class, we are seeing what Gramsci would surely describe as a revolution through infrastructure. Gramsci’s theory is the only Marxist theory I have found that’s still completely applicable to postmodern conditions. These are conditions of war through economy. A country beats another one down through devastating its economic viability.

Economic Scuffles

sunset over waterIn comparison, when you build economic viability to the point of actual infrastructure, it starts to take on its own economic life. That is what we are seeing now.

This economic life exists because the cannabis underground mainstream already exists to breath dollars and sense into its newborn lungs.

It exists because waves of resistance under the banners of Black Lives Matter and Occupy and Antifa have pushed back against the heavy state policing sanctioned by the war on drugs.

And it exists because the superstructure has delivered an opioid crisis in the place of real medicine.

Indeed, these two things go hand in hand, the stupendous failures of the old system and the resounding promise of the new. We’re not talking about adding a new “sector” to the already existing economy thus upping the profit potential of a functioning capitalist system like someone adds a bit of salt to season a successful and proven recipe.

We’re talking about the overhaul of a failing fiasco of over-prescribed pharma, over-filled prisons and over-militarized police. We’re talkin’ bout a revolution.

The Cannabis Underground Mainstream

Since the 1960s jokes have circulated about how to stop insane world leaders from pushing the nuke button or starting the next world war. Answer: just give them a joint.

woman and flowersConditions could change to the point where that joke scenario can actually become real and conditions are changing fast.

Cannabis is having a revolutionary impact on mental and physical health treatments.

Cannabis is rewriting the definition of spirituality for a growing group of practitioners.

It’s aiding a lot of professional work such as physiotherapy.

It’s making a difference at the level of real people’s lived lives.

What will this revolution produce and when? Nobody knows.

Some folks who already have a lot of control want to control cannabis in their favor as well, tuck it into their profit portfolio.

But as mentioned, they do it at the cost of turning their old “drug war state” investments into dog training papers. Warren Buffett has announced that he considers cannabis a good investment, but the banks, investment specialists and money managers are all shaking their head “no” in unison.

High risk, they will tell you.

Yes, but for whom?

6 Replies to “Cannabis Revolution”

  1. I have been doing a lot of research in this subject because i know it will be lucrative.

    My only concern is where to start? I’ve been looking everyhwere for companies and i don’t know what to look for.

    Have you bought any stock yet? There was a firt wave of profit off this industry and i don’t want to miss the next one.

    Thank you for sharing, and i hope to hear more from you

    Shannon kamal

    1. I have definitely bought stock in this sector and just published an article on cannabis stocks here. Im working on a second one that helps walk people through the process of stock purchasing in case this is new to them. I did initial research on the best broker to use which is why I have a link to Questrade at the bottom of my new article. They offer the lowest commission on the internet and their support is excellent. I absolutely agree that this is just the beginning of profit being offered by this industry and the best is actually yet to come. Hopefully I will be able to answer some of the questions concerning what companies to look at and where to find them. Keep your eye on my site for future up-dates. 

  2. Very interesting position on a controversial topic. Your page layout is well and describes every aspect with great detail. I think that the manner in which you presented the facts speak for themselves in what will continue to be news worthy over the next few years. Not only that, as you stated there are other states where some of the uses have already been approved for medicinal purposes, may add to this booming industry.

    1. Thank you for your comment Xavier. Yes this is a quickly evolving and changing yet booming industry. Over the next few years we are going to see exceptional growth because the client base is already there. Its going to be a very exciting historical change to be a part of in any way. For some people, the easiest way to get involved is to purchase cannabis stocks, which I get a lot of questions about. I’m going to be publishing about that next.

  3. The Cannabis Revolution is here to stay, despite what politicians like Attorney General Jeff Sessions has to say. With states like California, Washington, Oregon, and many others legalizing it, the flood gates have opened. It is hear to stay.

    I do have a question though. Do you think his rhetoric will turn into action at all? Or no? I imagine there might be a fight between the Federal and State governments over this. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day.

    1. Hi Alex and thanks for your comment. The federal government in the US has its hands full with a number of declared policy decisions that do not have the backing of the states, from immigration status to who is accepted in the military to cannabis legalization. Given that this lack of confidence in the federal government is not just confided to cannabis and that over 62% of Americans and the majority of the states support legalized marijuana, I’m not sure how Jeff Sessions can re-ignite the old “drug war” era. Financially and socially, prohibition’s day has passed. Politically it has as well, since politicians are now riding into office on their pro-cannabis stance. There are a good number of law enforcement offices at all levels who are also backing the end of prohibition and Mr. Sessions needs these folks on his side if he wants to put action to his words. Every historical era has its reactionary spokesmen who declare that evolution will never be taught in schools or Black folk will never ride in the front of the bus. I believe that Sessions is on the wrong side of history on this point. 

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