Cannabis Christmas Gifts: 15 Cool Ideas for All Budgets


You are free to browse through this post for gifts, however just want to make you away that I have a more comprehensive and recent collection of top cannabis merchandise here.

Marijuana themed gifts are the unique present to give this year as many countries roll toward leniency, greater tolerance and even legalization of cannabis. Designers and product producers are excited to introduce a bevy of cannabis merchandise that boasts a more positive image as well as top-notch innovation. You don’t have to have a cannabis license to order cool marijuana stuff that is relevant for folks who partake of this medicine. What follows is a list of 15 marijuana gift ideas in the areas of accessories, clothing and entertainment that are guaranteed to light up that special someone on your holiday list.

Gifts Under $15

cannabis incense

1. HEM Cannabis Incense. This sweet smelling incense promotes a sense of calm relaxation and peace of mind. Its fragrance is light and not like cannabis, but some people feel it works well with the scent of weed while others suggest using it to mask pot’s smell. Made in India by well-known incense manufacturer HEM, Cannabis Incense is also an awesome deal. You get 6 hexagon boxes of 20 sticks totaling 120 sticks for under $10. Perfect for secret Santa gift exchanges or stocking stuffers.

digital pocket scale

2. Digital Pocket Scale. Made by American Weigh Scales (AWS-600-BLK ), this pocket size sleek black scale is durable with a flip cover to protect it when thrown in a bag or carried in a pocket. Great gift for those who are on the go and require a high precision portable scale to measure their medicine. This unit features a smooth easy-to-clean stainless steel weighing surface and back lit LCD display so that numbers are easy to read. Switch between grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights and tarring to measure from 600 grams to as little as 0.1 of a gram. It not only has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, but is currently on sale for less than $10!

herbal playing cards

 3. Herbal Holidays Playing Cards. Cannabis positive holiday games help to break the old war on drugs stereotype because you’re having fun, its funny, and its smart — like Scrabble and medicinal cannabis are smart. And also it’s freaky to have Scrabble on the back of a completely different game. It’s still about feeling high (and there is nothing wrong with feeling good) but that’s not all it’s about. What if you could use these as an ice-breaker to talk about some aspect of this medicine? These cards are an affirmation of this medicine and a conversation which makes them a great gift for the office or among a group of friends or family who are supportive, but “don’t talk about it.”

The Stoner's Coloring Book 4. The Stoner’s Coloring Book: Coloring for High-Minded Adults. This coloring book boasts over 40 original illustrations collected in 96 pages from 9 different artists. Author and editor Jared Hoffman notes that The Stoner’s Coloring Book was created for elves, fairies, magi, poets, saints, sadhus, gurus, lovers, and other wise beings. Illustrations vary from simple drawings to get the creative juices flowing to more skillful detailed works that take some time and focus. Published only last year, this coloring book is already a classic, covering subject matter from the humorous to the psychedelic. Great ratings from people who have received it as a gift!


cannabis leaf mold

5. Marijuana Leaf Silicone Candy Mold. For the edibles cook in your life, this professional grade non-toxic silicone mold is BPA free, food safe and dishwasher friendly. Silicone is a non-stick material that allows for easy release of your delicious treats. Can be used to make cake embellishments, soft-center edibles, chocolate snacks, hard candy, fondant, butter patties or any other mold-able creation. Doubles as a tray to make infused ice cubes, popsicles or frozen cream and yogurt treats. Your friend doesn’t cook? No problem! The molds are also great for setting soap, candles, clay decorations and other crafts. In fact, you could order these for yourself and make everyone else’s gift. Comes with two trays of marijuana leaf molds.


Gifts Under $30

Cannabis Spa

6. The Cannabis Spa at Home. Subtitled “how to make marijuana-Infused lotions, massage oils, ointments, bath salts, spa nosh, and more,” this is a one-stop organic spa shop for the cannabis-minded. Boasting over 75 preservative and allergen free recipes, this book walks you through easy steps for home professional spa preparations with all natural ingredients. Used for thousands of years by Eastern cultures, the lotions, salves, poultices, scrubs, and baths offer a healthy alternative for managing pain, soothing irritated skin, and boosting a more euphoric or uplifting experience. Even includes some recipes for edible treats such as luscious spa nosh, hemp smoothies and cannabis bhang. While other books eixist on this topic, this is the one that people turn to for spa enhancement.

cannabis grow planner

 7. The Goldleaf Grow Planner. This marijuana growing planner is the first of its kind. The recipient of this unique gold edged softback can track and schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Designed specifically for marijuana growing, this journal boasts guided entry pages and even features helpful cultivation info graphics and reference charts. But that’s not all! It also has blank feeding charts to schedule and keep track of nutrients. This smart little Planner is optimized for all types of cannabis growers, from indoor to outdoor, and for folks growing in soil or coco as well as hydroponics. Help a friend record their grow progress, improve their marijuana cultivation skills and increase their yields. They may reward you later for their success!

mamba electric grinder

 8. Mamba Electric Grinder. This battery powered electric grinder is the perfect gift for someone who uses medicinals for pain affecting hand motor skills or anyone who just wants a fast, powerful and convenient grinder. Easy to use, just fill the chamber, close the transparent top and press a button. Unlike cheaper electric grinders on the market, the Mamba uses a powerful 600 amp motor with a forward / reverse switch ensuring a perfect jam-free grind. The grinding teeth are made from airplane grade aluminum and a removable see-through spout delivers the ground cannabis neatly where you want it. The unit is not rechargeable, but your batteries can be.

High Times Magazine

 9. High Times Magazine – subscription. High Times has been the classic magazine of cannabis culture for 38 years and with recent trends toward legalization, is now running stronger than ever. Offering everything from current news and social issues to information on marijuana cultivation to favorite and classic recipes and celebrity interviews, High Times remains a must-have overview of everything to do with the marijuana plant and cannabis culture. The pages overflow with tips, tricks and resources without losing its readers in a sea of specialized and unpronounceable lingo and anchronims. Down to earth feature articles and exposes give the reader a serious look at the often misrepresented plant that has the potential to positively revolutionize many industries and lives.



Gifts Under $50

Cannabis stash box

10. We Can Cure Stash Box. The “We Can Cure” design is a limited edition celebration of the little folk who are experiencing exciting results from medicinal cannabis – available only for the 2017 holiday season! Despite how hard it is to get the political talking heads to listen, despite the way that cannabis advocates have been policed, and despite the bevy of deniers, the message of the little folk is gradually being heard. This stash box is made of black lacquered wood with a neat lined interior for all your cannabis related goodies. The high quality design is printed on a ceramic tile set into the top of the box. A great coffee table addition for that special someone.


THC Inside hoodie 11. THC Inside Hoodie This limited edition Best Cannabis Gear hoodie is available only til NYE this year. Double lined hood gives this sweat a nice finished look and the front pouch front pocket ensures that this soft pull-over hoodie is cozy. Made of 100% American cotton, the smooth-finished material resists pilling and boasts great color retention. With a psychedelic design that will turn heads and start conversations, the THC Inside hoodie promotes a more positive social attitude toward marijuana while giving a humorous nod toward the geek and tech crowd.



Dreamtime throw pillow

12. Dreamtime Throw Pillow. For the person who uses cannabis for relaxation, chill time or to help with sleep. The contribution of this medicine to the creativity of both art and dreams is well-known. This throw pillow sports a cannabis leaf shaped cut-out of the starry night sky with a full luminous moon. Made from 100% all natural grade A woven cotton, the pillow cover can be removed with a hidden zipper and machine washed. Give this unique Best Cannabis Gear gift to someone who will cozy up to this pillow for sweet dreams or just to take a time out for relaxation. Great companion present with the Stoner’s Coloring Book!


Gifts Over $50

8 Ball Kush

13. 8 Ball Kush Seeds Got a grower on your holiday list? There are few who wouldn’t appreciate a 5 seed packet of this top rated Indica strain. Feminized so that these plants all turn to flower instead of seed and super easy to grow, this spicy top-rated Kush will keep someone happy long after the holiday season is over. Kush strains have been among the most popular types of cannabis to both grow and consume for several decades. Developed by top-notch cultivators Barney’s Farm, this 20% THC cannabis is uplifting without being over the top. And if you are good, they might even share their cannabis Christmas gift!

Arizer Solo Vaporizer14. Arizo Solo Vaporizer  A vaporizer is preferred by many people who partake in medicinal cannabis because it delivers all the good stuff without the smoke that comes from combusting cannabis rolled in paper. The Solo is a known name for its solid design and endurance. It’s practically smokeless, gives off minimal smell and is portable. This makes it perfect for public use where another delivery method would be inappropriate, making medicinal use hassle free while on the run. You grind the dried plant matter and load it into a container inside the unit. It easily fits in a pocket or purse and holds enough charge for 2 hours of continuous use. As an added bonus, you can use it while its charging, so you need never wait to use your medicine. Two styles of glass mouthpiece are included.

King 1000w grow light

 15. King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light. This grow light will have many growers jumping for joy. You will see other LED panels with lower wattage but these are generally too weak to be ideal. Energy saving LEDs consume about 185 watts of power to generate 1000 watts of plant growing output, which is the minimum you should use. This light is full spectrum, which means that it can generate red, blue, yellow, white, Infra Red and Ultra Violet light similar to natural sunlight and ideal for indoor plants at all growth stages. The King Plus has a two-part efficient cooling system and new LED technology ensures a long lifespan. Weighing in at under 7lbs, the unit is easy to hang, it is plug and play and comes with a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty.

Canna Claus is on his Way

There are many people who use medical marijuana but cannot bring cannabis home for Christmas or for any holiday due to residual negative and uninformed attitudes. While you may not be able to break out the ganja or oil, you may be able to use one of these quality gifts to break the ice and start the ball rolling toward more tolerant future holiday seasons. Others of us are luck to have supportive friends and family and can take full advantage of the excellent choices we now have to gear up for the holidays.

Most of the 15 presents on this list can be ordered from anywhere and sent anywhere in the world. You need not break the bank to give an excellent, thoughtful, high quality cannabis Christmas gift. In case I didn’t mention, the sub-title of this article is Dr. Doug’s personal Christmas wish list! I can think of nothing better to do on the Big Day than lazing around, chomping on delicious leaf-shaped edibles and getting into that awesome coloring book.

Mari Christmas and a Herbal New Year to all!

6 Replies to “Cannabis Christmas Gifts: 15 Cool Ideas for All Budgets”

  1. Hi, Doc!

    Sadly, yesterday I broke my birthday present from 4 years ago, a beautiful, colored blown glass bong that I absolutely love. I cried for 20 minutes until my husband set up a rig with a plastic bottle and a bucket – have you ever tried that? Ingenious.

    I tried gluing and taping my bong back together, but no joy. So I’m on the hunt for an affordable (hopefully under $30-$50) and similar replacement. I checked your website, and clicked through to VapeWorld and Amazon on your site, but I’m having trouble locating something similar. I saw a lot of “blunt bongs” on VapeWorld and I’m wondering if you have any familiarity with how those work. I don’t generally roll, so I don’t know if that’s something that will work for me.

    I’m hoping you’d be willing to share some ideas, if you have any. I may have to save up for the Arizo Solo Vaporizer, that looks amazing, too. Thanks for putting this website here, it’s really helpful!

    Best, Jaime

    1. Hi Jaime – Thanks for your comment.

      Sorry to hear that your blown glass bong broke. A glass bong is something that people get attached to for sure. Happily there are a lot of great glass shops out there where you can get truly artistic glass bongs. For example, check out these great rigs at Wizard Puff. While I am all for head shops and hope they never close, you can usually get better prices online since they don’t have the overhead of a street shop. Wizard Puff is one of my top choices because they regularly put stuff on sale, so you don’t have to wait for a special holiday to get a special price.

      In terms of vapes, there’s no doubt that the Solo is one of the best out there. The company, Arizo, has been around for years and know what they are doing. I have friends who have had their Solos since vaping started and they still work great. The materials are top notch and easy to replace. It sucks to have to throw a whole vaporizer away just because one small part wears out and there’s no replacements. I chose to affiliate with VapeWorld specifically because they carried some of the best known vapes in the industry, products that I could stand behind.

      As for blunt bongs, this is kind of a newer thing and yeah, it means going back to rolling and burning paper. You can think of it like smoking a joint through a water filter — it makes the blunt smoother and easier to hold, pass and smoke. For myself, I would just use a bowl and be done with it, but some folks are hard and fast joint smokers so this is a great device for keeping your joint mojo while also enjoying the benefits of a bong. And they look pretty cool.

  2. Love this site, how things have changed since i was a teenager i remember having to sneak and hide to buy products that are now available online. i was wondering exactly what does the incense smell like? i’m curious as it seems like a cool product but i don’t think i want my house to smell like weed.

    1. Yes, no kidding — The incense smells sweet like a regular incense, not like weed at all. I personally like the smell of some strains of cannabis, but I hear you in not wanting a box full of pot-pourri. What really got me about this product is its value — thats a lot of quality incense for the price.

  3. Doug,
    I was taken aback a little…why…where were you when I was in my late teens-early 20’s back in the mid-70’s! 🙂
    What a great idea you have, which can only grown as cannabis is legalized in more states. You’ve also proven that Amazon has gifts for everyone. Never would have thought about getting cannibals shaped candy molds from Amazon. I chuckled a little reading the portable scale info. Takes me back 35 years when a couple of the guys I worked with wanted to use my certified weights to check their home scale.
    Keep token,

    1. I know eh Martin? So much has changed, and its all for the better. What is so exciting for me is discovering how much cannabis can help people. It is what has driven me to come out as a public advocate for it. When I found those cannabis candy molds on Amazon I thought, I HAVE TO let people know what kind of great stuff exists. There is an explosion of creativity going on around this important medicine. Thank you for your comment. 

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