Can You Juice Marijuana


You are growing those beautiful cannabis plants, or perhaps you know someone who is growing those beautiful cannabis plants, and what do you do throughout the flowering period but trim, trim, trim. Then you cut down the plant and — more trim. What do you do with all this trim?

Or maybe you find out that one of your plants is a male, or has become hermaphrodite. What to do with whole plants that will not produce quality buds?

Go on any social media and they will tell you to toss all this material in the bin. It doesn’t get you high so it must be garbage.

Whoa — not so fast!

That is the old thinking, new research shows us that every part of the cannabis plant has medicinal qualities. Some folks such as Dr. William Courtney consider raw cannabis to be a dietary vegetable and essential preventative nutrient alongside kale and spinach.

The green leaf is not psychoactive. As those who are busy tossing their trim and non-female plants know, the plant needs to go through a heating process in order to activate the cannabinoids that get you high. But it itself is high — in medicinal properties that seem able to rebalance the body.

Research is just starting on the health benefits of the fresh leaf, but annectdocal evidence is exciting and promising. Want to know more about the science?  Watch this video on the powerful health benefits of juicing cannabis leaves.

Can Juicing Cannabis Cure Cancer

Katie Marsh juicing cannabisLet me tell you that this is an explosive area of research. I searched for information on cannabis juicing in 2013 and came up with almost no hits on Google.

A mere four years later and there are lists of videos available as well as Katie Marsh’s excellent book, Juicing Cannabis for Healing: How I Achieved Almost Complete Remission of Chronic Pain by Juicing Fresh Raw Marijuana Leaf (2014).

In the interim, we have discovered that even the lowly hemp plant is a medicinal powerhouse and that has opened up research into the whole raw cannabis plant, including the roots.

When talking about the health benefits of juicing cannabis, cancer is one of the first conditions that comes to mind.

The verdict is out on this and may remain out as long as large pharmaceutical corporations retain their monopoly on the standards of care currently practiced in North American hospitals.

Lets just say that Courtney, Marsh, and others are giving compelling testimonial to the curative effects of adding raw cannabis juice to one’s health regimen or daily life.

Make Raw Cannabis Juice

So lets get to the juice of the matter. Clearly the first thing you need to make raw cannabis juice is the fresh green itself, which should be as organic as possible. How much do you need? Any amount is better than not including it in your juicing repertoire, but a small pile of leaf such as in this picture is a good start.

Dr Doug Cannabis leaf If you are combating a major health issue you can end up juicing a full plant every 3 days.

That’s a lot of plants.

It means you are constantly germinating new plants, but if that’s what it takes to free yourself from your ailments, then this level of temporary grow regime can be worth it until your condition stabilizes.

Minimally, consider using all your trim and cuttings for juice.

So now that you have your green, you need a juicer. Not just any juicer will work with cannabis and you can consider it in the same category as juicing any fine materials such as wheat grass or sprouts. Basically, a juicer that chops the raw material up is going to leave a lot of that material whole and you will end up throwing the baby out with the bath water.

You want a masticating juicer which crushes the plant matter to extricate the juice, leaving only dry leaf structure behind. For this I am going to recommend the Omega J8000 series juicers as one of the most economical buys in this category. Masticating juicers start at heavyweight and go up from there to commercial quality, so this economic model is still no slouch. 

This hefty little machine will pulverize your leaf to a dry crumble and if you think there are still a few drops in there, run your remnants through it again. If you prefer a different juicer, any machine that can juice wheatgrass can also do cannabis. 

Cannabis Juice Recipes

A good handful of green will only make a small amount of juice, but no worries! This stuff is super potent and can be treated like a concentrate to be mixed with other nutrient rich ingredients. You don’t want to drink it by itself anyway because the taste is pretty disgusting. Its a bit like lawn grass with some of the dirt left in.

Instead, I juice the following ingredients to make about one cup of this delicious and nutritious juice.

Cannabis Carrot Super Juice

  • 4 medium organic carrots (scrubbed but not peeled)
  • handful of fresh raw cannabis leaf
  • 2 small to medium organic apples (peeled, they were still treated for pest resistance)
  • small toe of fresh ginger or turmeric (peeled if not organic) – optional

Be very careful of how much ginger or turmeric you add, if any, since it can easily become overpowering. Without it, a hint of the fresh cannabis taste can come through, which I personally prefer because I like the smell and taste. But if you don’t, the ginger will take care of that.

Mint or another fresh herb can play the same masking role in your drink, or just cycle through your add-on ingredients for variety. You can also change up the apple for pear, melon, mango, papaya or another firm fruit. The fruit adds natural sweetness so you don’t have to use sugar or honey.

Marijuana Juice Method

Dr Doug Carrot Apple Cannabis JuiceI put my crunchiest stuff in the juicer first. Then I fold or ball up the cannabis leaf to make a more solid mass for the machine to mash. This usually goes through twice.

Next comes the ginger, turmeric or other leafy herb and last is the apple or other fruit to mop up whatever is still churning in the machine.

There will be some foam on the screen of your catch basin and you can knock that down to get additional drops of medicinal goodness.

If you want to further raise the nutritional content of your juice, you can add up to a cup of good quality orange or cranberry juice at this point. I’m a purist and want to savor a hint of the canna-mother, so I add little else to my drink, but the basic recipe can be used as the base of a cleansing juice with a lot of additions.

Raw Cannabis Juicing Effects

cannabis juice toastingThe juice that you produce will have little to no THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid in the plant. Instead, it will have THCa which is an acid that may contribute to lowering inflammation as well as boosting your immune system.

We know that the flower from each different cannabis strain has its own unique medicinal qualities. However, we don’t know if the green leaf of these strains also packs a different medicinal punch.

Research into all the benefits that are still unknown will take years and positive data continues to emerge on a weekly basis. Its actually difficult for cannabis news sources to keep on top of all that is happening in this exhilerating field.

This means that you cannot technically get high from cannabis juice, but some very sensitive individuals may feel a sense of euphoria from the trace amount of THC that could be present.

Personally, I feel good when I drink any freshly juiced vegetables and fruits. When I drink cannabis juice however, I go from good to excellent.

What is that extra little “umph!” that cannabis juice packs? Am I just feeling the extraordinary health benefits at work, or is there something more? We will probably find out one day, but in the meantime, enjoy your juice and never throw any part of this plant out again.

20 Replies to “Can You Juice Marijuana”

  1. Very informative article on how one can integrate cannabis in their wellness plan. I have heard that up to 99% of the benefits are lost when you cook or smoke cannabis. Also, the body, as you point out, can consume much larger amounts in raw form. These facts would make a good case for juicing cannabis. Thanks for giving an eye-opening perspective on such an important social and medical issue.

    1. Research shows that the different forms of cannabis give us very different benefits. When you cook with it you need to decarb so that the cannabinoids are activated. If they aren’t then yes, up to 99% of the benefits can be lost.

      It is the same with smoking. If the bud is not picked at the right time, if it isn’t dried correctly or cured then you can easily lose a lot of the benefits. The method of smoking will also preserve more or less of the good stuff, with vaping scoring the highest and rolling joints causing the most loss.

      Cannabis is not necessarily better in one form or another — it depends on what you need from it. If you are looking to cure a number of chronic conditions then juicing from raw and tinctures or oils seem to be delivering the biggest punch. However, smoking is helping to control conditions such as anxiety and insomnia so the plant is no slouch in that department, it just helps with a different list of ailments.

  2. You discussed a recipe where you juiced it with other vegetables or fruits, how about juicing it alone and just put a root of ginger in it, that how i always do green juice. how about using the leaves as a tea, is that also safe.

    1. Green juice is a milder juice than juicing marijuana which has quite a bitter taste. I think you could do a fairly yummy and fresh green shot with cannabis, ginger and apple. You can also juice raw cannabis and add that juice to any smoothie. Some people recommend juicing, adding a bit of water and then freezing the juice to make smoothies during the week. However research I have seen shows that freshly juiced nutrients disappear fairly fast and I would not trust that you were getting a lot from ice that had been in the freezer for a week. It could be a lot of work for not a lot of gain. I think you would be better off doing a shot as you mention.

      Teas are a brand new area of research in North America, though people have been using cannabis teas for decades. It was once a common thing to use a weak cannabis tea to help children sleep. Because you are using the raw leaf it is not decarbed and thus the THCa is not transformed into the more psychoactive THC — it wont get you high. However, people are reporting medicinal effects and I will be writing more about it soon.

  3. I think there is such a stigma attached to Cannabis. When you mention it, a lot of people automatically think of people taking drugs.

    Although it is used somewhat irresponsibly by some, it has massive benefits too for other people.

    I would never though of utilizing it as a juice though.

    I think for medicinal purposes this would be a great idea for a lot of people.

    Great information.

    Thank you


    1. Happily the stigma is dropping pretty fast and I think that’s for a good reason — no one knows anyone who has died or been seriously hurt by weed. Its a completely benign “drug” so its social turn-around is happening quite fast. That process is being accelerated by the great research on the medicinal qualities of cannabis, and I fully expect juicing to become more popular.

      It isn’t that the mainstream media is being completely silent about juicing marijuana. For example, here is an article from Esquire on cannabis juicing. Well actually its about making a cannabis smoothie, which you can do with the straight cannabis juice and then just throw in a couple of ice cubes to get the smoothie consistency. The media wants to jump in on what can end up being a huge trend, yet they are staying low key on the benefits of cannabis juicing since big pharma is a major source of advertising revenue.

  4. Wow! I did not know you could juice the leaves. But then again, why not? Sounds really great. So happy to find this article. Great job, so informative.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Yes it comes as a big surprise to many people. The medicinal effects are under-researched right now but that is really the same with all juicing. I believe that just adding juicing to your health regimen can greatly improve many chronic conditions, but including leaf and trim from the cannabis plant seems to power-up that healing process.

      The good news is that you dont need to be a master gardener in order to enjoy this benefit, since your arent looking for the optimum conditions to produce the most crystal-laiden flowers. In fact the plant need never produce a single flower. Just a couple of plants grown in a sunny window can suffice to give your juice a nice medicinal boost that you are not getting now.

  5. I didn’t know about this. And that is crazy seeing my background in cannabis. But I am not a doctor. I knew you could use the stems for twine but I did not know that you could juice cannabis. I will have to get a juicer and try it. I am always looking for different things that I can do other than smoking it. I have many people ask me is there a way to use it without the effects of the THC. Now I have a really great answer for them.

    1. Yes, juicing cannabis is way under the radar in terms of people talking about it, but it seems to be just as medicinally effective as using pure THC or CBD. I juiced cannabis through the initial stages of my surgical recovery and I managed to knock more than a week off my healing time. The juice was actually quite yummy and I looked forward to having it each day. Now I always ensure that I have some plants that are grown just for green juicing material. I am experimenting with growing male plants for this because they grow larger faster and so I am testing how much forced bushy growth I can produce. I’ll be reporting back here when I have more data on how to grow for juicing as opposed to growing for flowers.

  6. Doctor Doug,
    I am amazed by your article on juicing marijuana and cannabis. Are these two names one and the same plant?
    Do you plant marijuana and there is no sanction from your government? In my country, it is prohibited. In fact, some of my relatives have tried to multiply this weed by planting. However, after growing the plant they uprooted it due to their fear of government.
    Many have used marijuana as cigarets but were not addicted. I don’t know the reason why a government prohibits something that is beneficial for health.

    1. Yes cannabis and marijuana are the same plant. It has a lot of names but you are right, mainly it is a weed. It grew wild across most of North America before governments here made it illegal. There are rules about growing it here but you can do it legally for medical use. In July the laws will change to make it more legal and Canadians are hoping that our government does this in a fair way. Its amazing to me that cigarettes which are a known addictive substance are completely legal almost everywhere and cannabis which is not addictive is not available. Its so backwards. But thankfully more information has come out about how beneficial marijuana and CBD are for health, so hopefully it will become legal around the world including your country.

  7. Wow what a fantastic article very well written and easy to follow full of excellent information. The topic itself is still considered taboo but the times are changing. Should the time arrive that I need the benefits of raw cannabis to combat any medical problems I will be juicing. Thanks for a good read.

    1. Thanks for leaving your kind words Earl. The times are changing really fast depending on what country or US state you are in right now. I dont think anything can stop the legalization process at this point. The health benefits are so clear and the ecomonic boost the cannabis industry is creating is nothing less than fabulous. I will be looking into juicing raw hemp as well since it is high in CBD and that may be an option for you if you are in the US since its legal across all states. 

  8. Hi DR. Doug,

    I found your article very interesting.

    I’ve heard so many times that Marijuana is fantastic for people who are suffering from illness. I am happily surprised to read that Marijuana can be used in the form of juice. I will definitely try this recipe. I do have a question, though. I am sure you know that liquid enters the blood much quicker than food. Is there a risk of having side effects such as laughing more than usual, or feel dizzy when drinking Marijuana?

    Thank you very much for the recipe and this excellent post!

    1. As far as we know, its mainly the THC that give those kinds of effects. Raw cannabis has THCa and you would have to consume a lot of it before you would feel anything at all. The cannabis has to be dried, heated and cured before the THC is activated. That said, when I drink the raw leaves I get a good healthy energetic feeling similar to drinking wheatgrass. I’m so happy to have discovered this aspect of the cannabis plant and Im pretty excited to share information about it. 

  9. Doug this is an excellent article outlining the benefits of the whole cannabis plant and how to make use of it.
    I would never have thought about juicing all that rough plant material, but it makes absolute sense. I like that you have included a recipe too and explained the pungency of the various elements.. It will not be long before cannabis is being grown in every back yard and the drug companies will be going out of business.
    Thank you for a very informative post.

    1. I agree Judy, cannabis is a real challenge to the pharmaceutical approach to healthcare that we have been taking as normal. I think the opioid crisis is opening a lot of people’s eyes to how little these companies actually care about medicinal consumers. On the other hand, I can personally vouch for the fabulous lift that juicing cannabis provides. I love that the average person can grow this in their backyards as you say, and benefit tremendously from it. Thank you for your comment.

  10. Wow! Thank you for shedding light on the usefulness of other parts of the marijuana plant than are non-psychoactive. It sure seems like too much of the plant goes to waste that could be going to useful healing tonics, like the ones that you are suggesting. It’s amazing how therapeutic this plant is for the immune system as well as reducing inflammation. I could really use a an immune boosting juice here soon. I’ve been sick this past year more than ever, and will have to try out your recipe. I just recently moved to California, and will have to find somewhere to get these trimmings. Do you know if they are easy to get? Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ciara. Now that California has taken the big leap into legal status you should be able to find someone who can provide trimmings. I would suggest social media such as Twitter but also look into joining the cannabis social media called WeedLife. Its just getting started but a lot of people are joining quickly and I’m sure you will be able to use it to find folks in your corner of the state who have trim. The alternative is to plant a few seeds yourself. Since you would be growing for the green leaf you can treat it like a houseplant — no need to set up the strict grow conditions to produce top-notch flowers. It is truly and weed and will grow like one. 

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