Buy a Gram of Cannabis Online for $2: I’m Not Joking


Did you know that there is (is — meaning is already open and operating), yes did you know that there already is an online store where you can purchase a $2 gram of the happy-making cannabis strain Chemdawg?

You can upgrade to $3 for sweet Berry OG or to $4 for energizing Chocolope. Or you can start to really spend big, and lay out a fiver on relaxing Rockstar cannabis strain or six whole bucks on tasty Girl Scout Cookies.

Or…. Or…. OR….. you can go NUTZ, pull out all the stops and bust the bank on a $7 gram of uplifting Super Jack! Given that $8 – $10 for a gram is generally taken to be an excellent price in most cannabis dispensaries, who is this online store and what is with these crazy prices?

Who? What?

The business is called FairCannaCare and I’m making a link for you right away because I want you to be able to see that it really does exist. In fact, they are based in Vancouver, Canada, and have locations in cities across the country. Fair Canna Care

They ship anywhere in Canada, but not outside the country at this time (sorry!). FairCannaCare operate in the grey zone of relaxed legislation and comment on their site that,

“City Hall and VPD (Vancouver Police) have allowed dispensaries to proliferate so people can safely access medicine, so long as there are no sales to minors or any gang affiliations.”

Berry DinosThey also note that dispensaries have been doing this in Vancouver since the 1990s, so they have some solid historical ground to stand on. That said, FairCannaCare’s specifically medicinal mandate sets them firmly in the current trend that is revolutionizing cannabis and its use.

Their gig is to offer affordable weed to medicinal users and they list the various conditions that each strain can relieve. FairCannaCare also branches into other forms of cannabis medicinals to offer dinosaur gummies and concentrates.

For example, you can purchase a gram of Blue Dream concentrate for $25. And to round out the selection, for under ten a gram they have hash and kief, which is the medicinally rich dry sift from the cannabis flowers.

Do They Really Deliver the Dope?

truck deliveryFairCannaCare’s offerings are just in the developing stage, with new items being added regularly, all within their focus on an affordable price point.

At this time they have as much if not more choice than most walk-in dispensaries, but they are lean in comparison to online competitors. While their selection is varied and covers a lot of the bases concerning types of strains, you might find that your favorite is missing.

Undoubtedly you can grab it at another online store, but…. the price difference!

The thought came to mind that perhaps this is one of those scams where the product is offered for an impossibly cheap price, but the shipping bankrupts you. Not so, the shipping costs are no more than what you would expect and orders over $150 ship free.

Not only that, but veterans can apply for an additional 5% discount off the product they purchase. Shipping times can stretch a bit longer than their optimum estimate, but the goods do indeed arrive. And if you want to test it out at minimal risk, flip a toony their way and make an order.

But That’s Not All

Searching around the FairCannaCare site I came to a blog tag that offers site visitors a wealth of information on cannabis benefits, best strains, myths and tips. To give you a taste of this blog, some of the titles are:

  • 6 Surprising Ways Weed Affects Men and Women Differently
  • Best Marijuana Strains for Depression
  • 8 Ways to Counter an Intense Cannabis High
  • Best Marijuana Strains for Insomnia

I was impressed that the company would dedicate time to researching and writing educative materials. This additional step shows that FairCannaCare is not just out to make a quick buck from recreational users under the guise of medicinal use. Instead, they offer a total package of information and affordability to meet their mandate of serving those who seek cannabis as a medicine.

All is Not Perfect in Paradise

heart and stethescopeYes, there is a downside and that appears to be the uneven quality. For example, four customers gave their kief two thumbs down, commenting that it did not look fresh and golden like the picture.

However, to their credit, FairCannaCare provide a 5 star rating system and seem to keep the comments up there, so you can actually make choices based on other people’s experience.

I want to take a moment here to note that this is a seriously important aspect of the site because everyone’s subjective experience of cannabis is different.

What is considered a weak strain of Lemon OG to one person, knocks the next person off their feet. There will be people ordering and commenting who are using the strength of the high as their only criteria when doing a FariCannaCare review, but medicinal use is more nuanced than that. Look at the star ratings, but also read through the comments because some user’s complaint might be exactly the characteristic that you prefer.

Final Rating

hats offI’m going to say hats off to FairCannaCare for their aims and for what they have rolled out so far. As with the entire medicinal cannabis industry, this is still a diamond in the rough and I have already seen additions and improvements in the offerings.

If the quality of some strains does not meet your standards, consider that you probably just paid less than half of regular market price for the experience of trying it out.

However, people who are searching specifically for medicinal applications and do not want knock-out strains could find a lot to like about this online dispensary.

After all, if you require regular use, price is an issue that FairCannaCare has solved and it costs less than a fancy coffee to check them out.

Go to FairCannaCare – check out their stellar prices

14 Replies to “Buy a Gram of Cannabis Online for $2: I’m Not Joking”

  1. Doug,

    I love this article about the dank delivery! I am not in the legal state for delivery, but it’s nice to know considering that my state will become legal soon and that will give us the ability to have that service to us hopefully soon! I understand that a number of states are going legal this year which is an exciting development. I can’t wait to see what that ends up looking like. Thank you so much for your honest review.

    1. Yes its going to be a very exciting year for the US in terms of cannabis. I just read today about how Bloomberg did an assessment of where the US sat economically concerning mariujana and they are losing their market share to Canada and Israel because we are moving more quickly to get rid of the old war on drugs approach and legalize. 

      That said, I don’t think there is anything that old school sabre-rattlers like Sessions can do to stop the cannabis tsunami that will engulf the US this year because its just good capitalism. Penny stocks are now up-grading to listings on the S&P stock index and if anything, the market is vastly under-supplied. With the US at over 60% acceptance of medical marijuna, the trend will not be to cut supplies further despite what the old-schoolers spout. 

      Alcohol reached this tipping point as well where the government just could not control it and had to desperately scramble to licence it instead. Hopefully you will soon have cheap grams available in your state. 

  2. Wow buying cannabis online — Boy, how access to weed has changed, but this is so great for medicinal purposes. I actually have a family member who is interested in using cannabis for his cancer. How is the quality of the cannabis? The price is great, but seems to good to be true for good quality cannabis.

    1. I have not tried all the offerings however they do publish a ranking system from users and they are getting decent feedback. Because its for medical purposes, the goal here isnt to get as high as possible, but to assess how the strain treats ailments. Strains are regularly getting 4 stars so users are rating the results highly. I would say that the price is so low, there is little risk in your family member trying an order out. The worst that can happen is that they receive a mediocre strain for very little money, but the best is that they score a great deal on medicine they want. 

  3. Wow buying cannabis online — My how times have changed. To bad it is only available in Canada. Wonder how long it will be till we can buy weed online in the good old United States of America. With all the de-criminalization of pot here in the states I would imagine it will not be much longer. I do manage to buy weed with crazy names such as Mr. Nice Guy, Blue Dream, Double Blue Dream. Probably should invest into pot stocks also. Great article

    1. I feel the same way – incredible to me that the climate around cannabis is changing so rapidly. I just published this article… which talks about the rapid change in attitude and growth concerning cannabis and including mention of marijuana stocks. I will be doing an article just on stocks in the near future. Thank you for your comment. 

  4. Wow I’ve heard of people ordering cannabis online through the black market but I never knew they had a legit online store. Lol I also didn’t know marijuana was legalized in Canada so I’m glad I found this site.

    I really wish they would legalize it here, I have one question though, how good is the quality? $6 seems really cheap for a gram.

    1. Its legal as a medical user through a licencing process, but in July it becomes more generally legal. Its still got an unwarranted amount of policing and regulation, but from here individual pieces of legislation and the judicial process can nip away at the stupidity of treating this plant like its schedule one. Aspirin, cigarettes and alcohol all have published yearly death tolls. Cannabis has none. The Canadian court system will have to put that fact in their pipe and smoke it. 

      People have uneven reports of the quality depending on the strain. But the fact is, I could test every strain and tell you but it would still be my own opinion based on what I want “good” cannabis to do for me. Maybe its to take my back pain away, or maybe its to get high. That’s why the best thing to do with FairCannaCare is look over the reviews on their site and spend $2-$3 to test it. The worst it could be is mediocre for a steal of a price. 

      I enjoyed their site and I’m happy you found mine so we can all share the exciting stuff thats happening around cannabis. Thanks for your comment.   

  5. Awesome post, buy a gram of cannabis” I did not know that you could get it shipped to your house from the mail. I think that is crazy, but the post is very informative and to the point, I love all the pictures this helped me get a feel for what was being discussed. I also liked the green header with the pictures of the cannabis on it. It was a real joy to have read it.
    Loved it,

    1. I’m with you JesusB, having grown up with the “war on drugs” as the social norm, I was taken aback as well. But hey, welcome to our new world! I love that this is happening. I think it will revolutionize medicine as well as policing as this very destructive “war” winds down and we continue to discover more ways that the cannabis plant can help us. Thanks for your comment and all the best to you. 

  6. I had not heard of the Canadian blog FairCannaCare and have gone to their website to register. I’ve been using a seedbank out of the UK for the last few years for my depression, insomnia and back pain since I live in a dry (as yet) state and am unable to purchase anything but awful narcotic painkillers–when will our culture wake up? Do you know if FairCannaCare ships to the USA?

    1. Yes, I think that FairCannaCare’s mandate to help medicinal users procure affordable medicine is timely and necessary. The opioid crisis is opening many people’s eyes to the dangers of following doctors’ orders since this crisis came from their over-prescription of these drugs. But its one thing to know not to get these narcotics and another to know where else to turn. Happily medical marijuana is offering a viable alternative. I’m not entirely sure of their shipping policies. I have sent them an email to get up-dated myself.

  7. This really, really, really makes me wish I lived in Canada. We spend hundreds on prescription weed in the States. It’s ridiculous. You are so very lucky to have this.

    1. Hopefully the legalization of cannabis in the US will continue to spread through 2018 as it has over the past year and the old “drug war era” attitudes will fade into the past where they belong.

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