Blue Dream: A Detailed Review


Give your marijuana medicine every opportunity to help you. Find out what strain will work the best for you, then take the steps to ensure that you aren’t working against it.

For example, don’t choose a strain that’s relaxing and meditative if you are up against a deadline.

You will not only be wasting the medicine’s potential, but when you push it where it doesn’t want to go, you can experience negative effects, the most common being anxious or paranoid feelings.

I’m writing these reviews to describe in detail, from the get go, what you are choosing. Research reveals that many strains are described as having contradictory effects. For example, a certain strain might be known for relieving anxiety, but you will also find reports stating that it can make you feel anxious.

Which one is true?

The answer is that both are true, because every strain or version of this plant medicine has it’s own character.

Guitar and Book When you invite it home and into your life, be aware that your new friend has some quirks and limitations to which you should pay attention.

You’ll feel more in line with medical cannabis when you pick a strain that compliments your activities. Work against its specific character and it can tank your good vibe.

While it’s a no-brainer that you shouldn’t choose a sleepy Indica strain if you are going to a party, that is only one consideration in your menu of choices.

Cannabis strains are now so highly bred that you can fine tune your experience just like someone choosing the right wine for a meal or gathering. Let’s get into this more deeply.

Dreamy Blue Dream

I chose to review Blue Dream because it was voted most popular strain in 2015 and remains in high demand to this day. This native Californian, originating from Santa Cruz growers, delivers a chill high and is a cross of Blueberry Indica (20%) with the Sativa Super Silver Haze (80%).

Calm Beach The THC for this medicine is considered medium at 17-18% while the CBD is barely worth mentioning at about .1%. However, as I’ve mentioned in other articles, low CBD doesn’t mean no health benefits.

Blue Dream is coveted mainly for medicinal use and is highly recommended for chronic pain situations such as back injuries, headaches, cramps or fibromyalgia.

So if this strain is low CBD and mostly Sativa, how can it be medicinal?

Yeah well, these broad generalizations aren’t really all there is to understanding the potential of different cannabis plants. Type-casting usually has a kernel of truth in it, but isn’t the whole story. This is why it’s useful to look at the strain, and not just the type. The Blueberry Indica drives this Sativa Haze toward a more tranquil buzz that muffles anxious feelings carried in the body.

Beam Me Up Scotty

In the bag, Blue Dream has a strong pleasing floral scent, not skunky at all. The bud can be crumbly, so prep your medicine indoors or you might find the slightest breeze can whisk it away.

Even with a water bog, the first inhale can feel somewhat harsh but this evens out and seems to disappear if you ignite again later. You might catch a bit of blueberry as you take it in, but the berry shows up mainly in the aftertaste.

Cannabis plantFrom moment one Blue Dream settles into the body and you feel a wave of relaxation sweep over you.

This strain powerfully winds you down, perhaps powerfully enough to calm panic, paranoia or other high stress / high cortesol situations and conditions.

It makes you want to slouch and speak in point form, so perhaps a bit of management could work well with the overly dreaminess of the Dream.

You can sink back into it, or you can throw on some tunes that will motivate you. Even with grooving tunes, don’t expect high motivation with this lazy buddy around.

You can get some tasks done but make them things you like to do because the Dream doesn’t want to be pushed too hard. Moderate pushing is OK, however it won’t make you like something you don’t want to do and honestly, it’s a waste of the medicine’s best qualities.

It would really rather that you set yourself down and took a time out. The Dream rolls well with happy situations such as playing games and can bring you to the brink of brilliance if you can find and maintain your focus.

Don’t Fight the Flow

If you have a looming deadline or have to meet tight timelines, you won’t get this medicine at it’s best. It’s relaxing if you’re contemplative, not so much if you push. A heightened tension comes with more activity and if you push even harder with some exercise, it can reach into feelings that are almost psychedelic.

Hiking Higher activity means more thinking which could bring up stress. This is fine, we all have stresses, but this medicine doesn’t want to help you solve those issues.

You might find yourself wandering from task to task, which can be a relaxing way to get things done.

Just don’t be too hard on yourself if you start ten things but only finish two.

Blue Dream can take you on a meandering journey from completely blase to blast off but in my opinion there are better strain selections for a high energy buzz.

It might not seem like it has that wide scope while you are slouched, but decide to move and Blue Dream can be your dancing partner to a limited degree. If this relaxed body but active state is what you are seeking, consider doing a second hit about half an hour into your Dream journey. Doing it right away might make you a part of the couch.

Pack a Lunch

Some cannabis strains can have you diving for the Doritos as soon as you set down your lighter. Blue Dream isn’t one of them. Many people find that there are no munchies to start and you may even feel an aversion to food.

fresh salad bowl When your appetite returns it’s on the lighter side, so instead of settling on whatever junk food is at hand, make a quick guacamole, whip up a fruit smoothie or construct a stellar sandwich.

By the time you get this made, the full on munchies will emerge and you’ll be happy you are chowing down on something healthy.

After all, you are using this medicine to improve your health so why tank it with garbage food?

After you eat, you’ll find that Blue Dream wants to hunker down into satisfied dream mode. So yes the dishes will get done, but first — game! This strain can taper off into moderate energy activities or simple relaxation and leans toward low key distractions.

If used late enough in the day, this medicine can contribute to a deep sound untroubled sleep. The next morning you should wake up refreshed with a good amount of energy, but you might find that your motivation is a bit off.

When to Invite Blue Dream Home

This strain is not my first choice for a physical job that needs careful attention. You can putter through a number of tasks and whether you complete any of them might depend on how much you like doing them.

Dreamtime throw pillow
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Mainly, the effect is to kick back and relax, so Blue Dream is a great choice for convalescing, unwinding, vacationing, or managing anxiety.

That said, Blue Dream is so heavily produced that you will find phenotypes that fall more heavily toward an energetic high and others that are couch potato.

Some people are big fans until they get what feels like a “bum” batch. It’s not really bad, it’s just a slightly different phenotype that is not so uplifting.

What you can be sure of, however, is that you will feel a pain-erasing wave of relaxation and that alone can uplift your mood regardless of the plant’s specific genetics.

Blue Dream often shows up on lists to treat depression and may have been a good choice for this application in 2015, however I believe there are some better choices now. Its true that the physical euphoria can lift you out of the doldrums. But unless you know you are getting an uplifting phenotype, you risk having your motivation decimated which may do the opposite of what you want.

This friend is more likely to lay a comforting arm across your shoulders and point out how beautiful the clouds are then to jump on a unicorn and chase those clouds away.

Popularity isn’t the Whole Story

If growing is part of your consideration, Blue Dream is known for it’s ease of cultivation. Seeds sprout easily, clones take to rooting well, the plant is resistant to powdery mildew and it is a heavy producer.

This plant is in fact a grower’s dream, with consistent high yields and lower then usual fuss. Nonetheless, these glowing stats may eventually work against the strain since Blue Dream is showing up in great volumes everywhere, making it an almost generic cannabis choice generally available from most dispensaries.

Don’t cave in to the allure of popularity. Make an informed choice based on what will work best for you and if it turns out to be Blue Dream, you will have an easier time both growing and purchasing the medicine you prefer.

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6 Replies to “Blue Dream: A Detailed Review”

  1. Hey — Not every day that I find a cannabis enthusiast in WA, but happy to have found your site. Definitely bookmarking it.

    I live in a state where medical cannabis is hard to get qualified for, and recreational is not allowed, yet. That being said, I have had “blue dream” several times. Not ever sure if it actually was, and one time the “blue dream” gave me a headache and that was it. So, I am glad that you not only provided an in-depth review of how different strains of cannabis can affect you differently but also your word choice and sentence structure are unique and catchy.

    I like how you say if you push the strain to do something it isn’t meant to do, you can experience the side effects. People often blame the drug of choice for the bad experience; it is their mindset, setting, and actions.

    Feel free to reach out man

    1. Thanks for such a nice and positive comment. I will definitely catch up with you. Most sites post their reviews from the seed cultivators and do not try them themselves, so they don’t actually know if the strain has effects that medicinal users will experience as unpleasant. The past criteria for judging a strain has been strength — how blitzed can you get — and Blue Dream can pack that punch to the point of leaving you with a headache. I’m more interested in reviewing from the viewpoint of how the strain can help medicinally and a lot of the top strains are not tops in this category. I can see medicinal use changing the whole field of cannabis cultivation and I think that is going to be a good thing. 

  2. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading this article about Blue Dream. In fact, it changed some of my thinking, or should we say, my attitude towards Cannabis and related stuff. Now, I understand more, and I truly believe in the acclaimed medical or health benefits.

    I only got one problem here. I live in the Philippines and looks like our authorities here are not that open when it comes to these, and I am not sure if this is something regulated or not. How can I have these stuffs shipped to me without having problem with Philippine authorities?

    1. Thank you for your comments Gomer. I’m happy to hear that you are discovering positive things about this medicine. In terms of accessing cannabis in the Philippines, I would suggest contacting one of the seed companies such as True North Seeds or Amsterdam Seeds to see what their shipping policy is to your country. They both ship globally and will be up to date on where and how they can ship around the world. 

  3. Hi, I like your post. It was a very in depth article about the Blue Dream Strain. Though I am not a smoker, I do partake in consumption on occasion however my passion is growing cannabis. You are right, it is a pretty hardy strain, plus it’s easy to grow. My question is whether or not I can get feminized seeds from the seed bank and do they guarantee delivery and germination? Please let me know as I am very interested. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I have been using True North Seed Bank and the link is for feminized. They also have auto-flower and I have had 100% germination. I use a reptile warming pad which seems to keep the seeds at exactly the right temperature to pop open. Delivery is going to depend on where you are in the world. For Canada, yes for sure. They will have disclosures about other places. 

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