What does 710 mean?

The term and celebration of 7/10 is a more recent event dating back to 2010 when cannabis oils and concentrates started to amass a solid demographic of followers and participants who were separate from the traditional weed community. Right from the get-go the question needs to be asked, why would…

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How to decarb cannabis

How to Decarb Cannabis

  The trick to making the best cannabis edibles such as delicious pot brownies is the same trick throughout any aspect of handling this awesome plant — take your time! Almost every aspect of working with Miss Mary is degraded if rushed. So for edibles, before the recipe book is…

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Surprise cannabis products online

The Best New Cannabis Products

Head shops have existed for decades at this point and we basically know what we will find there — bongs, papers, pipes, vaporizers and smoking paraphernalia. Some shops expand into clothing, usually limited to shirts, hats and hoodies, while others offer growing supplies such as lights and fertilizers. One might…

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Red Cherry Berry Strain

Red Cherry Berry Strain: A Detailed Review

  Red Cherry Berry cannabis strain ranks among many people’s favorites due to its standout floral fruity scent, which is almost like incense. Some people will even argue that this is the best smelling bud on the market. The cherry-like fragrance can carry over into the after-taste, making this a…

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Dr Doug Cannabis leaf

Can You Juice Marijuana

  You are growing those beautiful cannabis plants, or perhaps you know someone who is growing those beautiful cannabis plants, and what do you do throughout the flowering period but trim, trim, trim. Then you cut down the plant and — more trim. What do you do with all this…

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