Best Pot Brownie Recipe Ever: Bonus, it’s Gluten Free!


This is the best weed brownie recipe I have ever found and I’ve tried a lot of them. What is the secret to this one? One cup.

It uses one full cup of cannabutter so if you make weed brownies butter using my recipe (find it here) it is super easy to have complete control over the dosage. Cut your medical marijuana brownies into an even number such as 10 or 12 or 20 and its easy-peasy to divide by how much medicine is in one cup of cannabutter. So if you use 10 grams in one cup of cannabutter and cut 10 pieces, it would be too strong. Calculating by the strength of the butter takes all the mystery of dosage out of edibles.

Many people avoid edibles because of “that time” when they had an uncomfortably high experience. This is understandable since the go-to reasoning behind most marijuana brownie recipes has been “stronger is better.”

However, when applying cannabis medicinally this is often not the case. Many people want to take the edge off of anxiety, pain or control muscle spasms in order to function, so being doped to the nines is not the goal. A mild pot brownie edible can be just the right thing to help you sail through the day and unlike combusting cannabis, it lasts for hours.

Pot Brownies Brownie Mix

You might be one of the many people who want to control your dosage but don’t cook. The alternative is to make cannabis brownies from a brownies mix. There are several regular and gluten free brownie mixes on the market that you can purchase which will have the dry ingredients premeasured in the package or mix.

Simply buy one of these brownie mixes and use my medical marijuana butter recipe for the butter portion of your mix. Often brownie mixes use half a cup of butter but now you know how to calculate the dosage. Its that easy.MagicalButter maker

If making the butter is difficult for you for whatever reason, you can skip the cannabutter recipe and purchase a Magical Butter maker.

Having a Magical Butter maker allows you to still keep total control over your dosage without having to know the fine points of how to cook it. This kitchen appliance turns out a high quality cannabutter every time.

A super important detail is that the Magical Butter maker not only turns out perfect marijuana butter, but it can also make coconut and other oils, and infusions and lotions. It’s pretty sweet.

Also, if you are vegan and using non-animal fats for your cannabis recipes, the Magical Butter maker will allow you to infuse a number of different vegetable, seed and nut oils at a controlled heat. I just recently included this handy device in my survey of  Best New Canabis Products.

Cannabis Brownie Considerations

There are a few reasons to make your own medicinal cannabis brownies rather than using a mix.

The first is that the following pot brownies recipe has less sugar than what is in most mixes.

Also, you can control the type of sugar you use by replacing refined white sugar with organic cane, xylitol, or erythritol if you are on the diabetes spectrum.

Make pot brownies yourself and save.If you make pot brownies yourself you can control the quality of the ingredients and use nutritious quinoa or chick pea flours in the place of refined white wheat or rice flours.

How much you fuss over quality will depend on how often you consume pot edibles.

Folks who dose with an edible a few times a day might be more concerned about the total sugar intake than someone who eats a portion of a cannabis brownie to sleep or snacks on an edible to relax on the weekends.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, you don’t want to undercut the benefits of using this medicine with low quality ingredients or applications. Get the most out of your medical marijuana by keeping your consumption methods clean and healthy.

Best Pot Brownie Recipe Ever

This easy weed brownie recipe produces a delicious deep chocolate fudgie brownie with a fairly crispy top. It separates from the pan cleanly and keeps forever.

Best Pot Brownie Ingredients

  • 1 1/4 cups sugar — you choice of any granulated sugar on the market
  • 1 cup gently melted cannabutter — or a butter substitute such as cannabis infused grapeseed oil
  • 4 eggs — or an egg substitute such as ground flax
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder or carob or 3oz. melted chocolate or carob
  • 1/2 cup quinoa flour
  • 1/2 cup millet flour
  • 1/2 cup tapioca flour – or substitute 1 1/2 cups of traditional white wheat flour for these three flours
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts or pecans


In a large bowl, mix the first 5 ingredients until well incorporated. You will have a canna-chocolate gooey slather. Add your dry ingredients on top of that minus the nuts.

Brownie mix The reason for this is that you want to work the baking power and salt through the dry ingredients as you are mixing them into the wet so that it is consistent through the mix.

Add the nuts last, or if you want to turn this into a Double Chocolate Pot Brownie recipe, add the same amount of chocolate chips instead.

If you want them to be chewier, swap the quinoa flour out for millet or sorghum flour. If you want them to be more fudgie, cut flour back by 1/4 cup.

Pour the marijuana brownie mixture into a rectangular baking dish that’s around 6″ x 9″ in diameter.

The pan size doesn’t have to be exact, but if you opt to use a standard square baking dish it makes the brownies deep enough that the middle has a hard time setting properly due to the amount of cannabutter in the recipe. I do not grease the pan, but you can if you have trouble getting them to release.

Bake at 350F for 35 – 45 minutes or until the middle is set.


Storage and Tips

This cannabis butter brownie recipe stores well in the fridge. I find that the potency increases over time with the least strength when they are warm out of the oven (but still so good!) and most strength at about one week later. Just another reason why these are the best pot brownie ever.

Cannabutter brownieWhen cool, they can be cut up and put in a sealed container in the freezer indefinitely. If they are kept chilled, your marijuana brownies will not so much “go bad” as dry out and become crunchy. They will not lose their medicinal quality regardless.

There are people who say that using cocoa or carob powder preserves potency better than using chocolate or chips. This is because the powder will absorb the cannabutter you add to the pot brownie recipe whereas the chocolate already has fats in it that will melt into and dilute the cannabutter.

Personally, I don’t feel that there is enough chocolate in the recipe to make a difference, but go ahead and test it for yourself. I switch up the chocolate types as well as using carob and a carob/chocolate mix and don’t notice a difference.

8 Replies to “Best Pot Brownie Recipe Ever: Bonus, it’s Gluten Free!”

  1. Hi Dr. Doug 🙂 I am glad I found your site, as I have been foraging around for information regarding the benefits of cannabis. I have never tried any CBD products or any ‘weed’, but I intend to try it soon. I have two damaged knees that I have been able to manage with fish oil and magnesium but lately that therapy has not been working. I am impressed with all of your pot knowledge and those brownies look delish! As a beginner (and a Canadian, Yaay!), where should I begin? Concentrates maybe?

    1. Concentrates are a hard place to start because a tiny amount has a big effect. You also have the added expense of your intake method, which could be a vaporizer of some sort or a “dabs” rig which is like a bong but with a heating element instead of a pipe bowl. The problem here is getting an exact measure of the concentrate to vaporize so that you have a starting point for your dosage amount. Instead I would suggest trying Phoenix Tears, which is also a type of concentrate. It comes in a marked dosage syringe and you administer drops under your tongue, so it’s much easier to track exactly how much you use. In Canada (yay), you can get this excellent product here. It is being used for chronic pain and you can administer a small amount during the day to improve your mobility and a higher dosage at night when you want a comfortable and sound sleep. As always when checking out this medicine, start small such as a drop or two and work your way up to the most beneficial dose. 

  2. Awesome article — I’ve been looking for a good pot brownie recipe and will give this a try. Looks promising! Also, some great suggestions on different variations on the recipe.

    I never knew that you could make cannabutter using a magic butter maker, will also give that a try.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments Nic. One thing I didnt mention in the recipe is that you can vary the amount of butter you use a bit and go down to 3/4 cup if you find you’ve made or obtained a very strong cannabutter. You can also dilute a strong cannabutter by making this recipe 1/2 canna and 1/2 regular butter. So you can control the strength of your brownie a number of different ways. I have always made my own butters so the Magical Butter maker is more convenient for that, but where it really shines for me is expanding my ability to make stellar oils such as coconut oil. 

  3. I liked the idea of cooking them and putting them in the fridge as they would go crunchy give a better taste.
    I have been looking for some brownie recipes and now since I have come across this pot brownie recipe I would definitely give it a try and see how the brownies turn out.

    1. I like brownies to be a bit crunchie as well while staying soft in the center. This is an excellent recipe for that because of all the butter. Typically a brownie recipe calls for half a cup of butter but using a full cup instead makes the measurment of the medicine easier and the chocolate richer since it gets infused with the fats. I have more info on making butter here. That helps to make a delicious decandent brownie with lower sugar. Thanks for your comments.

  4. I am always looking for new recipes to try and this looks like one that is worth trying. i am not the baker in the family my husband is and since he has a real sweet tooth he is going to love this recipe. He has mostly been making fudge so brownies would be a nice change. He does make his cannabutter using a crock pot and has had no issues doing that. I don’t know if it makes a difference but the crockpot is at least 40 years old.
    Do you have one of the butter machines? It sure looks like an awesome tool for making cannabutter
    Thanks for the info.

    1. The cannabutter machines are a time and hassle saver if you are doing butter regularly. I love it myself. Its easy to clean and takes a couple of steps out of the process. I also find that it reduces the canna smell that you can get simmering the cannabis and butter/water mixture in an open pot. The Magical Butter maker does turn out a more powerful butter as well, since its only the butter thats in there — no water — and it keeps the mixture at the perfect temperature for the infusion while stirring the cannabis. Its a really nice apparatus and I’m not surprised to see its popularity soaring. 

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